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Week 1, Day 3

Yesterday wasn't bad points-wise, but I'm definitely seeing a pattern. I keep snacking on bread and the snacks at work - particularly the Fiber One brownies. Yes, they're only 2 PP apiece, but two at a time is 5 PP. Still not as bad as your average candy bar, but still not exactly what I want to be doing to my body. I've had THREE of them today, so something's gotta give. My goal next week is to have no more than one office-kitchen snack each day. I'm thankful they provide snacks (and healthy ones, at that), but I need to get it under control.

The bread is usually a middle-of-the-night snack. I think my body is used to being carbed up before bed and since I've cut out most grains with dinner, my body is angry. I'm going to incorporate a starch for dinner at least for a while to see how that works. I had butternut squash last night and that seemed to work - I didn't wake up with a craving. Granted, I also had the M&Ms, so that could've had something to do with it.

In a nutshell: Old habits die hard.

I still haven't seen this whole movie. Josh made me watch it once and I think I fell asleep. Much of my nerd cred left my body that day.

Anyway, you'll also see I didn't get to the gym. Which is not good, but...I don't know. Something inside me is saying it's OK and that focusing on getting my eating under control is the important part right now. Which doesn't quite work since I have to complete a half marathon in six weeks, so I'm working on it. Tomorrow my goal is to complete a 30-minute circuit workout. Nothing too crazy, but something. Oh, but my FitBit did decide I earned an APP, so that's cool I guess.

This weekend I have a couple challenges. The first is dinner out at Toojay's with Josh and my mom tonight. I already planned my meal: baked tilapia and steamed veggies. Regretting the brownies now though. On days when I know I'm eating out, I need to be a little stricter than usual.

Tomorrow night is my friend Katlyn's birthday party. Josh and I are going to watch the Disney half marathon in the morning (to cheer on our friends Krista and Liz/lizblizz, woo!), then to Publix to do our grocery shopping. So I'm going to make sure I pick up a PP-friendly dessert to have when everyone else is having cake. I'll have dinner before, then pack some snacks just in case. I know there will be a veggie tray but ehhh. Also, no alcohol. I'm driving. And I don't need it.

Sunday I'm going to run/walk 30 minutes if it kills me.

Those are the plans. I'll be working on the hard part - making them my priority/a reality. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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