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Week 1, Day 2

Quick check-in entry while I'm still on lunch!


Age: 29
Height: 5'3.5"
Body frame: Small

Current Stats

HW/CW (Highest Weight/Current Weight - They are the same!): 157.6
Starting/current bust: 39.5 in.
Starting/current waist (2 in. above navel): 33.5 in.
Starting/current hips: 41.75 in.
Starting/current right thigh: 25.5 in.
Starting/current right arm: 12 in.
Starting/current jeans size: 12
Starting/current dress size: 10 / M to L

Goal Stats/Rewards

Weight Goal #1: 140 lbs. (Kerastase hair mask)
Weight Goal #2: 130 lbs. (1-hour massage)
Weight Goal #3/Ultimate Goal: 120 lbs. ($300 in new clothes)

Goal jeans size: 4 to 6
Goal dress size: 4 / S

I realize my first goal is 17.6 lbs. away, but my current weight is extremely high for me and I'm pretty confident I'm going to drop a large number this first week. Generally I'm going to be trying not to step on my home scale, but this morning I did and I'm already down over a pound from yesterday so I know these first 10-15 lbs. will come off easily without me having to even be too crazy strict as long as I stick to the program and am honest with myself.

I'm confident. These are numbers I have hit before and numbers I was confident at. I know what my body is capable of when I feed it the right things and work out consistently but not obsessively.

I wanted to go to the gym yesterday and didn't. I WILL go tonight and get through 30 minutes on the treadmill. As long as I get that in, I will be happy. Plus, "Friends" is on Netflix now and I have the app on my phone, so I'm totally going to be watching that while I run/walk. I hooked my FitBit up to my WW app, so I'm going to test that out tonight and see if it works. I hope so. At the very least, it will keep me honest about how many APPs I'm earning.

I've started trying to use my Instagram a little more, posting motivational pics and such. If you want to follow me, I'm @jenislosingit.

More tomorrow with today's food log and plans for some weekend challenges!


Jan. 9th, 2015 05:22 pm (UTC)
Aww lol well then maybe you could just focus on eating foods that are naturally low in calories? Like, WW has a program called Simply Filling where you don't count points but you can only eat specific things. And then you get a weekly bank of points for extra, off-plan foods.

Counting is annoying, but for me it's a temporary thing. It's training wheels. I know I'm not going to be tracking forever, but while I'm re-learning how to eat it's motivating me to hold myself accountable in that way.

Hm. Well definitely get frozen butterbeer because it's better than the regular. Danielle told me the hot version is nasty, so don't get that. The Three Broomsticks definitely has a salad option with rotisserie chicken that I always get. Your best bet at The Leaky Cauldron would probably be soup & salad (though I'm not sure what's in either, so that's a gamble) or the stew:

They also sell fruit (and maybe veggie?) cups at some of the snack stands. Pumpkin juice might be a little better of a splurge for you than butterbeer too, actually. I think the whole bottle is like 100-150 calories? The butterbeer is way more, though I have no idea how much.

I'd say maybe take the Hogwarts Express one way and then walk back so you get in some extra steps, but I know your back probably won't allow for that. :-/

Have fun! ♥
Jan. 9th, 2015 05:31 pm (UTC)
Hot damn thank you so much. The pumpkin juice might be better for me actually. I should be avoiding anything carbonated. I do wanna try the hot butterbeer, but I might just have Tom get it and try some of his.

At the moment I'm not too focused on calories. I don't overeat, but a lot of the foods I eat are naturally low in calories anyway, especially since I can't have fatty stuff.

I might do the rotisserie chicken with the salad. I'll have to take the skin off the chicken. Man I love skin :'(

I think I read somewhere that the split pea soup was the soup. Is the salad the same size as the rotisserie chicken one?

Are you allowed to bring snacks in? I might just do that too.

What's Chocolate Potted Cream? Why am I even looking at that? Tell me it's nasty and made with a bunch of mayo!
Jan. 9th, 2015 06:02 pm (UTC)
I want to try it too tbh but ugh I don't want to spend the money and hate it, lol. I may do the same - have Josh get it and try and sip. I love frozen butterbeer and pumpkin juice probably equally. Have you had the pumpkin juice? It's REALLY sweet, so I can only drink a little at a time anyway.

I don't think they serve the chicken with the skin but I could be wrong. I'm almost sure it comes skinless/shredded though, so you might not have to deal with the temptation. Ask to make sure because maybe they can take it off for you if I'm remembering wrong.

Oh interesting re: the soup. That might not be a bad choice. And IDK how big the salad is - I've never gotten it. Yes you can bring snacks in. That's a good idea and I usually do it. The only time I haven't been able to was Halloween Horror Nights but this past year I hide them in the bottom of my bag and somehow got away with it lol. They made some chick in front of me throw out an apple though. Assholes.

I think the main ingredient is maggots in that.


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