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So I'm down 1.2 lbs. this week. Considering I didn't follow WW except for maybe half the week, I'm happy (well, content) with this. I think the Tower of Terror 10-Miler had something to do with having any kind of loss, the details of which I'll get to in a minute. But I've lost 5.2 lbs. in five weeks. Which is awesome, generally, but I can do a LOT better - especially at this higher weight I'm at now. I'd really love to be as close to my "normal" weight range (130-135) as possible by the wedding. I realize that's asking a lot, as I'd have to lose like 1.5 to 2 lbs. a week to hit it. I know I can do that but the bridal shower, bachelorette party, holidays, etc. are all very real hurdles I will have to consider while at the same time making sure I have a good time. All that on top of the stress of the wedding and this new job and aaccckkkk. I need you guys' encouragement now more than ever, so anything you can offer up would be great.

Anyway, the race was actually amazing. I almost skipped it... :[ I have been having on-and-off stomach pains - likely from stress - and they were REALLY bad the afternoon of the race. But Josh calmed me down a bit and I rested and took it easy, and the pains went away just in time, thankfully.

So glad I went because I had a blast, which I attribute to the nice weather and the fact that I got my favorite medal I've received from a race so far:

It glows in the dark, and the little elevator moves up and down on a spring. Yesssssss. ToT is my favorite WDW attraction, so it's extra cool for me. It's hanging nicely amongst my other medals - way too many of which are runDisney medals, with my marathon medal right in the middle. :o)

I also somehow managed a sub 12:30/mile pace, which is faster than my current 5K or even like, two-mile pace, so whatever. I guess my adrenaline was high and, like I said, the weather was gangsta. Low humidity, a breeze here and there, 71 degrees when we started and like 68 when we finished. It was pretty much a 24-hour nice-weather phase that is now gone but I don't even care. I will take it, universe. Thank you, universe.

Anyway, here are a few more photos of me with my buddy Liz (lizblizz) and Josh before the race, and Liz and me after the race.

Liz did freaking awesome! Killed her time by something like a half hour over last year? She is also down 25+ pounds since the beginning of the year. Look at this:

Gorgeous either way but still very motivational and so awesome. ♥ You rock, Liz. Give me some of your motivation juice.

My goal this week is to STICK TO PLAN - count everything and stick to my workouts! The only thing I will most likely skip is my 5K run on Saturday, because we're going to Halloween Horror Nights the night before and have a full day of fun stuff planned Saturday. But that is known ahead of time and I'm OK with it. I'm doing a longer run Sunday evening, and that is non-negotiable.

Speaking of HHN and fun things, these are my challenges this week. HHN I know like the back of my hand: Pack snacks but make sure to eat beforehand because the D-bags at security will likely tell me I can't bring them into the park. HOWEVER, this year I have a plan to tell them I am gluten intolerant. That's common enough now for me to totally get by, I think - especially because last time they asked me if I had a medical reason and I said NO, DO I HAVE TO!? all pissed off. So this time I'll be ready. And if not, Richter's Burger Co. or whatever that restaurant is has shitty salads and I'll just chug water all night. NO DRINKING.

Saturday we're going to Sweet, our wedding-cake (well, cupcake) shop. *shoots self* It's only to finalize our order, though. There will be cupcakes lurking behind me, but they're behind a glass case of emotion, so it's safe. Or something. We're going to this yearly fall pumpkin patch (!!!!) and carnival after that. There isn't anything super tempting there, though I may get an (iced) light pumpkin-spiced latte from Starbucks to take over. I'm very white and IDGAFFFF.

Josh and I signed up to do the Lake Eola 5K the Saturday before our wedding. I considered doing the OUC Half Marathon that same day (it's part of the same series), but with my luck I'll injure myself, so I decided to play it safe. I have the Princess Half in February to look forward to, but yeah, watch me injure myself at this 5K anyway. Knock on wood.

Nothing else to say, really. I'll be blabbering about shower-food fears soon enough, so get ready for that excitement.


Oct. 10th, 2014 03:49 pm (UTC)
There are races here all the time. Tell me when you want to come and I'll find you one. Of course, the bucket list one is the SF Marathon in July (But don't be fooled, it's NOT hot here in July -- usually cool, foggy, and windy). You can opt to do the first or 2nd half of that. The first half is more scenic and runs across the Golden Gate Bridge, but it's hillier; the 2nd half is mostly downhill and runs through Golden Gate Park and you get to sleep in.

It's not like I won't drink at all, but I doubt I'll be drunk and I can't ever seem to sleep past 7 am so I might as well make the most of it while I'm there.
Oct. 10th, 2014 04:17 pm (UTC)
Hmmm I honestly don't know when! I think I'll be borrowing PTO from next year for the wedding and honeymoon, so I have no idea what my balance will look like at this point for next year yet. I'd be the second-half person, even though the first half sounds way cooler. D:

I wish I had your problem re: sleeping. I can sleep all day, which is terrible and useless.
Oct. 10th, 2014 05:54 pm (UTC)
If you just trained on hills (Clermont, Apopka or even an overpass) you'd be fine with the first half. It's not that bad, but I do prefer the 2nd half too because the first starts too damn early lol Plus I really love running around Golden Gate Park more -- maybe it's because I live along the route of the first half and run there all the time.

So yeah, don't worry about it until after your wedding/honeymoon and then when you figure out when we can plan it. Plenty of time! I am doing a half marathon the first weekend in November that also goes on the GG Bridge, so I'll let you know how it is as I've never done it before. There is also the Giant Race (Half, 10K, 5K) in Sept along the Embarcadero (so pancake flat except for 1 tiny hill in the half marathon) and ends in the baseball field at AT&T park. There is also a half in Feb, the Hot Chocolate 15K in January, and tons more. My running club also hosts low-key races (so no medal/shirt) pretty much every Sunday for $5, so there is almost always some race going on.

Just like anything, just gotta train yourself. I didn't use to be a morning person, but after training for marathons in FL it became second nature, but I am also usually in bed by like 10 lol
Oct. 10th, 2014 06:24 pm (UTC)
There is an overpass at Lake Underhill park that goes over the 408. That might be good because I'm not going to be driving to Apopka or Clermont on a regular basis, lol. Maybe I'll find a running group that trains there...oh damn, Galloway goes there sometimes don't they? I may need to sign up again in June. I really want to do Wine & Dine and get a half Puerto Rico.

Hot Chocolate 15K, you say? This is relevant to my interests lol. I wonder if a race exists that just like, douses you in liquid chocolate instead of colored powder or whatever.

I DIGRESS. Yes, we will work it out after December. Honestly, it might make a nice first-anniversary trip. We want to go to Europe for our second but I want to do SOMETHING for our first. We shall see.

I really would love to learn how to be a morning person. When I actually do get up early on the weekends and have grocery shopping and a run and shiz done before noon, I always feel so accomplished!
Oct. 10th, 2014 06:43 pm (UTC)
Yeah, just find a hill and after a warm up do some hill repeats up and down it. It's great strength training for your legs and will improve your running speed on flat too.

The Hot Chocolate series is brilliant! You get this awesome jacket/hoodie instead of a shirt and chocolate fondue after the race. They usually have a 5K too.

Oooh yeah anniversary trip would be perfect. And depending on how long, you could even venture to Napa or other nearby cities. SF itself is only 7 miles by 7 miles, but it has a lot and there is tons more within driving distance.

I don't know how I learned to be a morning person, I guess it just became a habit eventually. I'm sure someone has written a book on the subject.
Oct. 10th, 2014 06:59 pm (UTC)
OK cool. I was thinking one little hill isn't much but duh, I can repeat. Hill repeats...makes sense now. I'm a terrible Galloway participant. :x

AWESOME, I want to do that one! The Hot Chocolate one, I mean. Napa was definitely my first thought, I won't lie. xD AFTER RUNNING, OF COURSE.

I need to look into that book...
Oct. 10th, 2014 07:04 pm (UTC)
There of course is a race in Napa, but no idea when. I want to do that because it would be cool to run through vineyards.


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