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Snack Attack + Bonus Cake

So I did really well yesterday...except at 2 a.m., when I got up and ate two bowls of cereal. :-/ Not my finest moment, and I didn't measure either so those are estimates. Today isn't going super well...I had a small piece of cake (it had cream-cheese icing, so I was doomed from the start)...but I've tracked my lunch, snacks, and dinner, and I'm going to the gym with Liz after work again. So I'm hoping my body is a little forgiving of last weekend and that I lose SOMETHING Saturday.

I'm currently texting Liz right now, and we're comparing our levels of soreness. Her arms are feeling it but neither of us are sore leg wise. I told her we're doing squats and lunges tonight to fix that, hah. I'm also doing either W2D? of C25K or W3D1. Haven't decided yet. Thinking I might go for the latter. Also want to work more on abs and arms, so tonight might be closer to an hour and a half visit considering I won't be back to the grind until Sunday.

I started making the grocery list for the derby party to make sure I have healthy snacks/drinks on hand. Josh and I are meeting my mom for lunch at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville on Sunday. I already looked at their menu and they have grilled options and veggies, thankfully.

Bobby (my brother) is super into his DDP Yoga program, which is really cool. We don't have a whole lot in common generally, so it's nice to share the health-and-fitness interest. We were texting each other some encouragement last night. He also texted me something that probably seemed pretty whatever to him but to me it really spoke to me: In the middle of our conversation, I texted, "We should text to motivate and encourage each other," and he replied, "We are."

This made me pause and think of how much I do vs. how much I say/plan. Like right now at this very instant I can be making a difference in my life, but WAY more often than not, I choose to plan the change or put it off until tomorrow. That simple two-word reply helped me immensely in that sense.


May. 2nd, 2014 02:29 pm (UTC)
Oh snap, switched back to the LJ account.

I def. think sugar has a lot to do with it, esp if you have sugar in the evening.

Get a pound or two of chicken breast and just chop it up and cook it all on Sunday night with some seasoning. A pound could yield 4 servings (4 oz) which is a good amount of protein. Then maybe boil eggs at the start of the week and use those as a late afternoon protein boost for workout days?

You could also do nuts, but I know those can be red light foods for me at least.

Oh no. Today will be perfect! Drink lots of water!
May. 2nd, 2014 02:33 pm (UTC)
WOOHOO, throwbaaaack! Haha I've missed that icon. ♥

Good ideas. Sunday evenings are usually my chill time, so that works. I always hard-boil my eggs ahead of time but I need to buy more. I eat 8 a week by myself now in my salads (tossing out the yolks), so boiling a whole dozen in probably a good idea. I'll pick up an extra dozen this weekend.

Yeah nuts and nut butters are red-light foods for me too, ugh. I wish they weren't because they're so good for you.

I will!


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