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Hi again guys. Two posts in a 24-hour period, whaaaat? It's insane, I know.

First, I wanted to talk about my brother for a second. He called me a few days ago and told me he wanted to start getting healthy. Now, he has told me this before, but he never really committed to it. Now he has a purpose - he wants to go to a pro-wrestling school in Atlanta. I didn't even know something like this existed until he told me about it and I don't know how I really feel about it in general, but anyway, he wants to go. So he seems pretty motivated to get in shape. He ordered this workout program that he's really eager to try. He asked me for help compiling a grocery list and for advice on things to eat, stay away from, etc. and I've been trying to help as best I can. I want him to know he doesn't have to completely deprive himself to get healthy. So I'll probably be updating with news about him from time to time.

So tomorrow is 04/19: the day Josh and I got engaged last year, and the day INO will be my new motto from how until I see that shiny 120 on the scale. I'm going to politely ask the receptionists at my WW meeting to start my stats over again so I can have a fresh start. I've done it before, so I hope they're cool with that. It really helps me mentally.

Here's my Bible for the next five months:

Weight-Loss Progress
Workout Schedule

I have a Groupon to Thornton Park Yoga that I have eight more sessions on, so those are my Wednesday workouts for the next eight weeks. I've been going with my friend Kinsey and we like it. The studio is very small so it can get cramped, but the instructor is really nice and I always leave feeling refreshed (at least mentally), so I'm happy I bought the Groupon. Mental workouts are just as important as, if not more important than, physical ones. For me, at least, but I think that's probably a pretty universal opinion. Or fact. IDK. Science.

I had pizza for dinner last night and this Mediterranean deliciousness from somewhere local for lunch today. Not good, and I know I shouldn't be eating badly just because I haven't ~started~ yet. I hope I can really see this journey in an optimistic light, and more "You're going to look and feel great!" than "God, you're awful, you need to change ASAP!" Hm...maybe I should do yoga twice a week, hah.

Tomorrow we're going to Josh's and my favorite place for dinner, Ceviche. I already planned my meal. Some of the PointsPlus (PP) are a guess, but some aren't. If any of my fellow WW people want to help correct my estimates, feel free! Here's the menu; here's what I chose (for myself - I ain't sharin'):

1 glass red sangria (8 oz.; those glasses are fairly big): 5 PP
Gambas (cocktail shrimp) y guacamole: 4 PP
Cangrejos de la Casa (crab cake), no sauce: 4 PP
Haricot verdes (green beans): 2 PP

Drinks after, when we go out: 8 PP


My plan is to leave 11 Daily PointsPlus (DPP) left for dinner. This would have me using 12 Weekly Activity PointsPlus (WAPP), leaving me 37 for the week, and I will earn them back through my exercise plan this week. The biggest challenges at Ceviche will be resisting more sangria and staying away from the appetizer bread with the oil/pesto, so I'm going to have a filling snack before we go to at least hopefully have success with combating the latter. And I will sip slowly from my glass of sangria and ask for a nice tall water.

Tonight is dinner a this place in College Park called K Restaurant for a friend's birthday. Really not sure what to get but regardless, this is the last supper, so I can't promise it'll be anything super healthy. But I can promise I will be posting Sunday (since I'll be busy tomorrow) with my starting weight and measurements, as well as my food log for Saturday and a summary of how the day went.

Here goes nothing. And everything. And I know you're probably sick of this song, but I don't care because it's my motto for this year and Elsa is the newest addition to my favorite Disney Princesses (well, queen, really. ♥) next to Belle and Tiana. I may be dressing as her for an upcoming race, which is a discussion for another post. :o)


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Apr. 18th, 2014 06:28 pm (UTC)
I hope I can really see this journey in an optimistic light, and more "You're going to look and feel great!" than "God, you're awful, you need to change ASAP!"

I think this pretty much sums up the hardest part (for people like you and me) of doing WW, period. That little nagging voice in the back of your head that reminds you that you went over, you didn't exercise enough, you didn't drink all your water, and you haven't seen a multivitamin since your mom gave you a Flintstones chewable in the third grade and you choked on it (fictional story because omg spoiler alert: I take a multi every day, and bonus: it's not a Flintstones OR a gummi one! /ADULT HOLLA), BUT WHATEVS. I HATE THAT LITTLE VOICE. I want to kill it with celery. Or Just Dance. Or healthy recipes!


I am loving what I am reading, bb. Keep this gravy train a-rollin'.

Apr. 18th, 2014 09:07 pm (UTC)
UGH TELL ME ABOUT IT. I know it's wrong because like, can I change it? No. Can I do something now to be healthy and love myself? DUHHHH JEN. I just need to do it and stop depending on my environment and other people to do it for me.

Omfg at the Flintstones vitamin story, I legit thought that was real hahaha. Real talk: I take the gummy ones and I WANT TO STOP, but regular adult-people vitamins make me feel sick and I am so NHF DRINKING A FULL GLASS OF WATER TO TAKE A VITAMIN. What brand do you take and can you just swallow it and be done (that's what she said)?

YUM GRAVY. Love you toooo, you'll hear more from me Sunday! XOXO Have an amazing weekend. I will probably be texting you throughout... :p
Apr. 19th, 2014 11:37 am (UTC)

Yeah, I'm a grown up. I take a multi, vitamin D, and L-Lysine every day. My multi is a Wegmans generic Women's One-a-Day. I take mine with breakfast and milk so my tummy doesn't get upset. The more food I take it with, the better. Dinner is good, too - you don't necessarily have to take them with breakfast.

I need milk to take mine. It used to be juice, but the juice wasn't enough. Using hot beverages or water makes me want to gag. D:

I am looking forward to it!! Can't wait to see your weigh in results!! You have a fab weekend - I look forward to those messages! xoxo
Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:07 pm (UTC)
That's what she said AGAIN!? ;x

Ah OK, dinner might be a better bet for me because I tend to eat more. Breakfast I will have a shake or some oatmeal and generally just not as much food. I'll pick some up at the grocery store this weekend and throw out my gummies.

Apr. 19th, 2014 12:53 am (UTC)
Hey! I'm planning to lose weight as soon as I finish exams, so I just had to come here because of your FFAF post!

Catching up on some of your previous posts, and you sure seem to have it all covered! Already learned some new tips that I hadn't thought of before :)

Anyway, can't wait to see how your weight loss journey progresses as much as I can't to burn all my flab xD

Apr. 19th, 2014 01:57 pm (UTC)
Woohoo yay, I added you to my friends list! ♥ Thanks for coming over. Means a lot!

How much do you have to lose? Have you thought about how you're going to go about it?
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