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Bloggin' from the air, bloggin' from the air.

Hooray, a distraction from turbulence! Well, it's not turbulent at this moment per se, but given the current Denver weather report...maybe I should've saved my laptop juice for an hour or so from now. Oh well. I will be there in a couple of hours and get to see Yurani and Benson and take a shower and have some sleep.

In case you can't tell, I'm not the hugest fan of flying. I have flown a lot in my life - I mean, I went to flippin' Australia - and I'm still not accustomed to the bumpiness. If possible, I always choose a window seat so I can watch and make sure we're not, in fact, plummeting to the ground (FYI, we're always just turning or doing nothing and I'm insane). I've cried a couple of times in flight...specifically, when flying back from Colombia a year and a half ago. It was pretty bad. Hopefully this isn't a repeat occurrence. I blame Final Destination. The original. With Devon Sawa, aka Casper. None of this 3D BS.

Anyway, irrational fears aside, I lost 1.6 lbs. this week and ate two doughnuts and half a Panera bagel with cream cheese, don't judge me! Which, while not the two pounds I was hoping for considering my first week of recommitting usually yields a pretty huge loss for me, is still a victory - especially considering I was out of town this past weekend and was just getting back into running. Plus, it puts me right on track with my six-week goal, so I'll take it. My co-worker Jessica drove me to my meeting so I could weigh in, because Violet Wendy "VW" Beauregard (my Beetle) is out of commission at the moment. Bitch needs a new battery, like, yesterday. I need a few other things done to her too, so Josh is taking her to the VW dealership on Saturday. What a great boyfriend.

Speaking of great boyfriend (and this doesn't relate to health and fitness at all so scroll past if you don't curr, I won't be offended), Josh dropped me off at work this morning and there was this creepy 20-something dude loitering in the lobby of my office building. I saw Josh side-eye him, and Josh left and the dude is like, "Is there anywhere to get coffee in here?" I was like, "Er, second floor cafe, but I don't think they open for another 15 minutes." He said OK and followed me into the elevator. Looking back, he totally could have knifed me. I was on my guard though and it was only one floor, so I figured I could handle five seconds. He goes, "Is your boyfriend a security guard at the building?" WHAT. I said, "No, he works for Sam Ash - he has to wear all black." And then he got out and that was it.

So I went up to my fifth-floor office, put my purse down, got some coffee and my half bagel, had a little chit chat with one of my co-workers, put my lunch away, then went back to my desk. I pulled out my phone and saw that I had FOUR missed calls, a text, and a voicemail from Josh. I seriously thought he got in a horrible car accident or something. The text said, "Where are you?" and the voicemail said something along the lines of, "Hey sweetie. Er, didn't like the look of that dude who followed you into the elevator. It's not like you not to answer...please call me back."

So I called him immediately and apologized profusely for not picking up, and he was like, "Well...I'm downstairs, back at your office." WHAT A GOOD MAN, OMG. I'm so glad I have him looking out for me. He said he felt kind of silly but I assured him he did the right thing and I thanked him. Felt so bad for making him be late to work, but I am such a lucky lady and I just wanted to share. Made me feel very loved and safe. Crazy ass dude...he was definitely super skeezy.

So today aside, I just wanted to share that I've gotten either blue, green, or yellow stickers every day for the past nine days! That's a big deal for me; I've been redding it up lately. No bueno. Just a recap for the newbies or those who haven't memorized this crap have forgotten, these are what my stickers mean:

Blue (these are like ~Platinum):
- stayed within DPP (Daily PointsPlus)
- worked out
- didn't use any APP (Activity Points Plus)

Green (aka Gold)
- stayed within DPP and used only banked APP
- worked out and used fewer than 10 WAPP (Weekly Allowance PointsPlus)

Yellow (aka Silver)
- used fewer than 10 WAPP
- worked out and used 10 or more WAPP

Red (aka Bronze/poop)*
- used 10 or more WAPP

*I can't get a red sticker on days I work out.

So there you go - that's how I determined what kind of day I had. The first half of May is filled with a lot of poop days, but at least I tracked, I guess. I remember my calendar from February of last year...damn, that was an amazing calendar:

Four poop days AND A CONNECT FOUR WIN OF BLUE STICKERS FOR TUESDAYS AND GREEN ONES FOR WEDNESDAYS. We'll ignore that I was extra motivated on my days before and after weigh-in on that one, because it's amazing. Yeah...I need to channel some February!2011 energy like whoa. Maybe I can ask Josh to break up with me temporarily so I can get all post-breakup motivated again. Hm. It's tempting. If we weren't moving into our own place in six weeks, I'd probably consider it. :p

I made a delicious dinner the other night and I need to share it with you. It's straight out of pregnancy brain, which I don't have, obviously (though I did have a pregnancy dream the other night; I blame my friends who are popping out offspring left and right, aka all of them). I made a whole small spaghetti squash and mixed the "noodles" with 1/2 tbsp. of olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper, a little salt, and a little onion powder. Then I added - wait for it - four slices of crumbled turkey bacon. It sounded delicious, and it was. I think I was inspired by the much-more-caloric carbonara dish Josh got at Ray Romano's Macaroni Grill when we went for Beth's bachelorette dinner. Obviously his was more heavenly, but mine was great too, and the trade-off health wise was definitely worth the amendments. And it was only 4 PP! FOUR. For a huge bowl of "pasta"! You can't beat it. If you wanted to add some peas for a more authentic carbonara dish or a little Parmesan cheese, that's still only 5-6 PP for dinner. Add a Fiber One yogurt and a side of fruit and seriously, 6-7 PP for dinner is like magic for me. Maybe next time I'll make it with curry powder. I wish I'd taken a photo so this could be more than a wall of text explaining it, but alas. Next time.

I am a little over a quarter of the way through Bob Harper's book. I like it so far. Can't honestly see how someone super overweight and set in their ways can take all of his advice seriously (at least, all at the same time), but I respect the things he says. IDK if I'll be able to give up Stevia in my coffee, though, Bob. I gave up Splenda - isn't that enough for you? :[ He would shake his head at me, force me to do push-ups, and point and laugh. I don't blame him...I'd do it too. Aw, he wouldn't really. He's way too nice. I...stand by the claim that I'd do it, though. /Slytherin

Yurani and I are going running (5K distance - we'll see if my lungs can take the unfamiliar altitude) in the morning, then at least once more while I'm here - hopefully 4 miles Saturday or Sunday. Friday I want to do some more core work (and triceps too, maybe), and then I'm at her command for hiking. Good thing I remembered to bring my hefty new stash of hot-pink KT tape.

Hoping to make a grocery run tomorrow and do lots of activity. Neither of us are particularly rolling in unlimited spending money, so I think that will help get our asses outside. Not that she needs any motivation - in fact, she has enough nature love for the both of us and anyone reading this entry, and she will push my ass on these hikes. I am a self-proclaimed indoor girl, though, as we all know - to the point where if I fell off a cliff while hiking, you guys should not be surprised, haha. Pretty mountains!? No, give me Netflix and a treadmill and I'm good. I can't help it...I love my air conditioning. :[ I'm such a lazy ass sometimes. Hoping this cray summer will snap me out of my BUT IT'S TOO EARLY AND HOT AND HUMID AND I NEED TO CATCH UP ON SEASON 4 OF HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER WHINE COMPLAIN. Though I just realized I forgot bug spray. Damn it. I'll have to remember to pick some up.

This is getting tangenty (forgive me and my Starbucks, for I knew not what I was doing), so I think I'll end it and go watch me some Netflix! Hope to blog a couple times from Denver. We shall see.
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