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So this week has been The Week of the Cupcake™. Let me explain. Cupcakes have been everywhere. Explanation over.

But for example, a couple hours ago, my lovely co-worker Jared poked his head in from the kitchen and said, "Jen...there is a huge amount of cupcakes in here...they are big." I replied with, "No, you are seeing things." So I put off going in to the kitchen to make my salads for a few minutes. Then I finally worked up the courage to go in, and a wave of sugar scent hit me in the damn face. And then I saw these bitches:

So of course, I was like...

The good news is that they're vanilla. Which is delicious, don't get me wrong. But if they were chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate-peanut-butter red velvet, blue velvet, chocolate velvet, or anything else similarly more delicious, it'd be over. Which, speaking of red velvet, my other co-worker Danny brought in a big red-velvet cupcake for this girl whose birthday it was, but she had taken the day off, so he said the most evil words ever: "Oh, well, it's up for grabs if anyone wants it."

To my credit, I waited until the afternoon, only had half, and WEIGHED IT. 8 PP for 2.62 oz. of a red-velvet cupcake with cream-cheese icing. FML. But it was so yummy. If it had been dry, I would've been pissed because I would've eaten it anyway and then regretted it. But it was very delicious, so my regret is minimal. Also, Jared put the other half on my desk a little bit ago. I almost threw it at him. NO CUPCAKES TODAY, DAMN IT.

I am meeting my friend Katlyn at the gym to do some circuit training after work tonight. Last night we went too, and I did a 5K run. Kitzzy advised me earlier in the day to try it in intervals and push my pace harder in the middle to work my body out of its comfort zone because my pace won't improve otherwise. Fair point. So per her suggestion, I did:

1 mile easy jog at 5.0
.25 mile run at 6.3, .12 mile walk at 4.0 (three times)
1 mile easy jog at 5.0

It ended up taking me about a minute longer than usual to cover the distance, but I felt like I got a lot more out of it. I know running intervals and pushing harder during the running portions burns more calories, so I'm all for it. So I've adjusted my workout plan to make one of my 5K runs per week be in intervals, one at a steady pace, and then my longer run on the weekend at a steady pace. Again, at Kitzzy's suggestion. She's never steered me wrong before. :o) I'm going to have my work cut out for me if I'm in her marathon-training group this summer, that's for sure. Hoping I learn to love mornings, or at least tolerate them to the point I'm not hating my life.

I am pretty sure I'm running the Run for the Trees 5K.

(Kitzzy, P.S. When I searched Google Images for "Run for the Trees 5K", photos of you, your family, and Jason are all over the first two lines. Win.)

My goal is to run a sub-30 5K but that is going to be VERY tough, considering it's only a month away and I'm averaging 34:00-35:00 right now. I am really going to give it all I have, but we'll see. My body may not be ready. Unlike Snape's.

That's for you, Laura bb.

Now, the bad (well, worst, I guess) news: I gained weight. 1.8 lbs. D: BUT...I am down about a pound since my weigh-in already, and trucking forward just fine. I am determined to be down that much and more next week, and not let the wedding this weekend derail me completely. I am not sure what they're serving, but I'm going to have a diet soda or water between each alcoholic drink (I can't go too crazy, anyway, because I have to drive), eat slowly, and only until I'm satisfied, NOT stuffed. I'm pretty sure they're having a buffet, so that will help - big servings of the veggies, not so much of the starches and creamy stuff. I'm going to have to use really good judgment, and I hope the adrenaline from the 4-mile run that morning will keep my willpower intact throughout the night.

I should probably post a photo from the bachelorette party or something.

LOOK AT THESE SEXY LADIES. We had a really great time. :o) Lots of great stories to tell throughout the next couple years. Also, those shoes lasted me all of an hour. Sup.

Um, speaking of shoes...apparently I have a bunion. And apparently it is so gross that it sparked a huge amount of discussion in a post on ONTD (my fave celeb-gossip blog) about Steven Tyler's admittedly more disgusting feet.

But um, what!? I thought bunions were like hemorrhoids on your feet, but apparently it's when your foot bones are wonky in the sense that your big toe points toward your little ones. OK then. I think I only have it on my right foot, so that's good at least. And it's not that bad, and not painful. I asked my mom and she realized she has one too, on her left foot. But she said it's never given her issues, sooo...I'll just keep an eye on it. For a graphical depiction, see the creepy-ass bird photo above. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Oh while I'm thinking about it, I should post some more cute photos from Josh's and my trip.

Isn't he gorgeous!? GQMF.

P.S. This was before we'd even left for the partying. Lol forever.

I'm going to close on a ranty note, and I apologize in advance. But if any of you see any bullshit like this, I implore you to resist re-posting it, nodding your head in assent, or anything else that would support the disgusting body shaming it perpetuates, even though it thinks it's being cute and supporting the ~everywoman~:

Guess what? The girl on the right has feelings too, and most likely body issues. Pointing her out personally as a "cause" of the problem instead of a (possible) symptom or a villain is not going to make the problem go away, nor is it going to make YOU skinnier. In fact? It goes completely AGAINST the goal it is (feebly) trying to accomplish by 100% perpetuating the idea that a woman's attractiveness should be based solely on the shape of her body. Get the F out of here with that backwards-ass logic. This garbage makes me ashamed to be a human and, considering this particular image was posted by a female (clearly an immature one, with body issues), a little ashamed to be female. We are supposed to be a team, ladies - not pit ourselves against one another. Shaming another woman isn't going to make YOU a better person - it may make you feel better in the short term, but in the long run, it's going to make you look like a bitter and pressed asshole.

Rant over.

Wish me luck tomorrow with the mountains of delicious free food and alcohol. Love you all!


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Mar. 30th, 2012 08:29 pm (UTC)
I have to say up front that the reaction to your foot is hysterical to me. I got over hangups like that sometime around when my voice changed and I decided girls were no, in fact, icky. I should get you some shots of my gnarled assed veiny feet, with wrecked running toenails still showing the signs of the persistent fungal infection for you to use as a nuke if someone bitches ;-)

About that 4-5 minute time drop in 30 days...
I'm not gonna say it's undoable since I've not seen a heart rate plot for you so I have NO idea. Here is the thing about 5k races, and I'm sure you've seen Kitzzy and I bitching but I'm gonna tell you again. They SUCK beyond the telling if you want to be fast. Since it's ~30 minutes, you can cheerfully drive your heart rate deep into the anaerobic zones. Okay, maybe cheerfully is the wrong word, PAINFULLY, that's the word I was looking for! When you bring your junk towards the top of zone 5 (about 170 or so for you give or take) your body will start freaking the hell out. "No! NO! STOP!!! YOU ARE GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!" It's lying but your brain is going to be saying "ummmm...dude?" and you back off. You have enough time to sharpen your training for a sub 30 5k once you make peace with pain. ...and this boys and girls is why you don't see my sorry butt running more 5k races.

and I just gotta say, rock on with your positive body image for everyone! Kuria Ba...there is only one team. :-)
Mar. 30th, 2012 08:56 pm (UTC)
THIS times infinity Jen. It sucks hard like you wouldn't believe. It's not just uncomfortable, it's dawn right painful and then less than 5 min after its over you are fine and get pissed that you did all that for nothing. 

At a 5k distance, shaving off even 1 minute it's a HUGE different in pace and effort. Check this out. 

35 5k = 11:18 pace
33 5k = 10:38 pace
31 5k = 10:00 pace
29:55 5k = 9:39 pace

My PR is 30:26 (9:49 pace) and I'm still terrified of 9:39 pace. It's going to hurt and you have to be willing to leave it all out there and push past the pain and ignore your brain telling you to stop trying to kill yourself. 

Also, it's harder to do outside when you have to pace yourself without the treadmill doing it for you. On the treadmill, you can't start too fast accidentally, you just hang on for however pace you set so get outside and learn what that pace feels like. 
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Mar. 30th, 2012 08:57 pm (UTC)
Lol thanks. xD Ugh remember when my toenail fell off? Bad news. One of my fingernails actually just fell off because I was a dumbass and slammed it in a door and it's seriously disgusting.

I honestly think it is a very lofty goal, so I'll have to gauge how I'm handling these intervals and see how feasible it truly is over the next few weeks. Sub-30 is my goal, but it doesn't have the be THE goal for this race. :o) A PR would do me just fine, let's be honest, hah.

Aw thanks. Yeah things like that make me so angry. Don't shame others because you're unhappy with yourself or with society. Ugh.
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Mar. 30th, 2012 09:00 pm (UTC)
Also, endurance (from those SLOW long runs) will help the most. I've don'te some speedwork, but I'm banking on my marathon endurance to make this happen or me more than anything. My brain is used I pushing well past discomfort for 5 hours do I can get it to come along for 30 minutes, hopefully less :)
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Mar. 30th, 2012 08:39 pm (UTC)
3 times? I thought I said 4 :p but that's a good start. You can add one more interval each week to slowly get your body used to that pace. Yes, you'll be running more than 5K but that is ok since that includes warm up, rest walks and cool down. If pressed for time, you could cut cool down to half mile or walk some, but the warm up is important as is to avoid injury. 

For the Long run, I want to emphasize EASY pace, not steady pace. It should feel TOO easy. If you have to push at all to finish or if you are winded or can't hold a conversation,  it's too fast. You should finish a long run feeling like you could keep going. And really try to do these outside so you can run by feel and not focus in pace. 

Your other mid-week run can be a little faster but should still be relatively easy. 

We're going to kick ass at Run for the Trees. I'm not going I attempt to Puerto Rico at corp 5K but will use to practice my strategy for the other 5K.

And get DM! I want to follow your progress. It really helps.
Mar. 30th, 2012 08:55 pm (UTC)
OK fine you ORIGINALLY said four but I was like, "Omg but that's way more than a 5K whine bitch moan complain!" and you were like, "OK, three." Lol. You would chastise me in your first sentence! Ugh I need it. OK yeah I was going to ask how much more I needed to add or how I needed to adjust it, so thanks. I will try four intervals next Thursday.

All right, I'll do the long runs at a 5.0. That's honestly the slowest I can go and still feel like I'm getting a workout. Anything under that is kind of uncomfortable, but 5.0 is pretty easy.

Lmfao @ Puerto Rico. That's a good idea, I will do that as well. I actually got a PR at last year's Corporate 5K so I think I could try if I really wanted to, but eh. Too many people, and I'll get annoyed, lol.

Perhaps perhaps. Do you have to sign up online first and then get the app, or...? I think I tried getting the app first and it told me I had to do something else and I was too lazy. :x
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Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much x2! ♥ Yeah intervals scare me, so I'm grateful to have someone help me ease into them. :o)

Yeah. I mean, I know the other side gets a lot more hate; I just don't believe in fighting fire with fire.

Weekend could've been much worse, but it wasn't amazing either. So far so good today. Gonna post about it in a few. Thanks for the support. Muah!
Mar. 31st, 2012 12:47 am (UTC)
Oh, I forgot to comment on a few things:

>> (Kitzzy, P.S. When I searched Google Images for "Run for the Trees 5K", photos of you, your family, and Jason are all over the first two lines. Win.)

Too funny!

That green dress looks amazing! Specially with the red hair. Can't wait to see it in person. Maybe we'll run into each other at Corp 5K if not I guess I'll see at the 12K

BTW, when are you moving downtown? There is a for rent sign in our front lawn.
Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
Lol I love it. I was like SHE'S A GOOGLE CELEB! xD

Thank you so much! I wore it to the wedding this weekend too. I'll have to text you before the Corporate 5K. Hopefully we can find each other in the crazy mob!

Do you think your landlady would hold that place for us? I know it's not for a few months but we would be extremely interested. I'll have to call her. Thanks for the heads up. ♥
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Mar. 31st, 2012 02:36 am (UTC)
I can't stand those messages that "real women have curves" and the like. It's just as discriminatory. Why are women's bodies judged so harshly?
Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
I KNOW. Like, are non-curvy women fake? IDGI, lol.
Mar. 31st, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)

First off, your coworkers are out to get you, huh. Okay, maybe not. Maybe they know you love sweets, so they're just trying to make you happy because they don't understand the sweet and creamy temptation that is an amazing cupcake. They MUST be all guys, huh. Regardless, I'm proud of you for resisting the vanilla ones, and for having half of the red velvet one (AND weighing it!), too. Half is better than the whole thing, and that is what we call ~*PROGRESS*~.

I sort of skimmed through the sub-30 5K comments; there is SO much I am ignorant about pertaining to running, but it was interesting. Good luck with the training!

I LOVE my gif! ♥

I think your wedding plan sounds very doable; I hope you have a TON of fun at Danielle's wedding later today!

I am laughing more than I should at all of the wank in ONTD about your foot. When you sent me the pic, my first thought was, "Oh, it looks like she has a bunion," but I didn't want to be like, "HEY JEN, LOOK AT YOUR BUNION!" because I get REALLY pissed off when people point out my rather obvious flaws to me, like no, asshole, I DIDN'T NOTICE my dimpled thighs and flabby legs, thanks for pointing that out. No, asshole, I DIDN'T notice the HUGE AND PAINFUL ZIT on my FACE, thank you for bringing that to my attention! My grandma had bunions on both feet and they were WAY worse than yours, and you can live with them for years before they even start to bother you, let alone need surgery.

I am confused about the hemorrhoids on the feet comment, though. A hemorrhoid is a muscle that lives in your anal canal that helps push poop through the anus. When you push too hard, they can become inflamed and kind of squeeze out of your butt like little fingers. Were you thinking that a bunion was more like a corn or a callus?

Okay, I wrote a really long response to your Marilyn Monroe body comparison picture, but it got really bitchy sounding and very personal about how I've been put down for my body by skinnier people that probably weren't even intending to shame me, but that it's still considered somewhat socially appropriate to shame the overweight (under the blanket heading of "health"), and heaven forbid we try to turn the tables and shame a skinny person with body issues, even though most overweight and obese people have body issues of their own. Shaming is bad, yes, but the amount of skinny people that get shamed by overweight people is still less than those overweight people who get shamed by society for being overweight.

Overweight and obese people get to read wonderful articles like this, about how disgusting we are, and how dare we be depicted on TV shows, even though we represent a much more accurate portrayal of the average American than the gorgeous-bodied people on other TV shows, but we're going to hurt the thin people's feelings by posting this picture when they already knows that society values them more than us because they're thin and we're not.

I DO understand your sentiment, despite it sounding like the contrary, however I don't think the enemy is the group of overweight women who post this kind of bullshit. They're only reacting to the crap that's been thrown at them their entire lives. My point is if you're going to be disgusted and ashamed to be a female over this picture, then be ashamed and disgusted by the women who shoved it down our throats first. When those Dove real body ads came out, I had to bite my tongue as I sat and read through my friends' comments on FB about how disgusting those ads were, using real women with fat rolls and cellulite, and it was just DISGUSTING to them, and then they topped it off with, "Gee, fatty, have another cheeseburger." Bitter and pressed could be my fucking middle name at this point, tbqh.

I don't agree with reposting this crap on FB, but it's been shoved down our throats a LOT longer than it's been shoved down theirs, and if I'm going to make an example out of either group that makes me SMH, it's not going to be the overweight ones.

Okay, so this rant turned out to be long and bitchy, too. Ugh, I'm sorry. Love you, and hope you have an awesome time at the wedding! ♥
Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:19 pm (UTC)
Bitchy? Hell no. I don't even know you and I like the cut of your jib! :-)
(no subject) - jenislosingit - Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:20 pm (UTC) - Expand
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Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
THEY TOTALLY WANT ME FAT. Lol nah, they are super supportive - they just screw with me. I am a good sport luckily, haha. But some weeks are more difficult than others, that's for sure. A lot of us have March birthdays, so last month was especially tough.

Lmfao it was the greatest thread ever, I was dying laughing. As far as the hemorrhoid thing, I just meant like, a growth on my foot. I know nothing about medical science, lol, but I just thought it was a bump or blister or some crap. Corn or callus, exactly. xD

I totally understand where you're coming from, as we've been e-mailing about! ♥ And I do agree with you that skinny people have it WAY easier as far as societal treatment goes. Which is sad, but yeah - my point is the "GTFO of here, eye-for-an-eye logic!" If the photos were reversed, I'd be WAY more pissed. For the same reasons, but then more so because it's just straight-up bandwagon bully perpetuating at that point.

I love you too bb! Thanks for being so awesome and supportive and a great shoulder/ear. In more ways than one!
(no subject) - celestialcure - Apr. 4th, 2012 01:23 pm (UTC) - Expand
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