May 11th, 2012


Why I'm doing this.

First off, let me just reiterate what I've said in the past: when you don't see me blogging, it's because I've put my health and fitness on the back burner in lieu of other things...usually just pure laziness. This stretch of over a month is no exception. I have been eating pretty much whatever I want. I mean, not completely, and I have been running (until recently, as my shin is fairly messed up at the moment, but we'll get into that later). The past couple days have been great (first two green stickers in 19 days, wooo), so I know my healthy side is still rattling around in there somewhere. I'm still working on extracting her fully, so I appreciate you guys sticking with me.

Something really pushed me to start updating again, after I've been so lazy about it.

My younger brother, Bobby, is 25. He has been overweight almost all of his life, and has always just sort of accepted it as something he can't really change, so why bother? In the past, I have kind of helped steer him in the right direction, but he was never really ready. Because let's face it: anyone who is successful with weight loss has to be fully ready and committed. He has never really come to me out of the blue saying he wants to change his life. I've always just kind of suggested and hinted and hoped one day he'd get it. Not that I'm perfect by any means, but I think I have some good solid values about health and fitness, even though I'm not always great at sticking to them. Otherwise I wouldn't be here, right?

Yesterday, I got the call I have been waiting to get for years - not the call that meant I was needed, but the call that meant my brother wanted to take care of himself. I asked him if he wanted a quick fix, or if he wanted a gradual lifestyle change, because I would only really be able to help him with the latter. He said a gradual change. He asked me to help him come up with a meal plan and with shopping lists, and told me that now that he is living with roommates and is finally kind of stepping outside his comfort zone, he wants to change his life. Immediately after that call, I texted asking if I could blog about it, and he said yes.

I worry a lot about my family's health, because I love them dearly. And to see my brother - someone so young and capable - suffer with issues that are complete within his own control and not being able to do anything about it is extremely hard. And I know he has the strength to make some changes. I wrote him a really long e-mail this morning with a few days' worth of meal plans and a shopping list, along with a lot of great tips I've picked up from people, articles, etc. over the years and some words of encouragement that have moved me forward when things are hard. I do hope he sticks with it. I have tried to reiterate that it isn't going to be easy, so I hope he understands that the change will not be overnight.

Anyway. That reminded me of why I'm doing this. It means a lot to me when you all comment and encourage me...more than you know...but for my brother to come to me and tell me this kind of stuff, it's a whole different feeling. I am excited to work with him. Only wish I lived closer. When I was visiting, I told him that if he does the same stuff he's always done, he'll see the same results he has always seen, and that the only way to succeed is to step outside your comfort zone. Deliberately. I think he heard me, because now he is living with people he didn't even know a week ago. He never would've done that before. I'm really proud of him.

Onto the shins: the bottom of my right shin has been really hurting me the past couple weeks. It was starting to worry me that it may be a stress fracture or something more severe than shin splints, so Kittzy let me borrow a couple of pieces of this stuff called KT Tape. I applied it last night, and it seems to be working fairly well thus far. I will keep you guys posted. Thank you, Kitzzy!

Have to make the rest of this quick - I promise I'll write a more substantial entry at some point in the near future (but not too near, as it's my friend Beth's bachelorette weekend). Finally, I wanted to give a special shout-out to a few people:

Laura - You're amazing. Truly, you are. With everything you are handling right now and always, you are still, as we say, kicking ass an taking names like nobody's business. And not only that - you make time for me, which I haven't reciprocated lately and I want that to change. I love you so much, and I don't know what I'd do without your support and true friendship.

Kitzzy - You are my running fairy godmother. Every time I am in a bind, have a new problem, need a swift kick in the ass, etc., you are on it. I owe you so much, and I really appreciate how much you have been there for me over the past couple years as I've struggled to find my runner identity.

George - See above! :p Seriously, you're an amazing science nerd of running. You are eternally optimistic and I need that so much. Your fire is palpable, and I'm so glad I know you. You are always there to give words of encouragement and Courage Wolfs, hehe, and I am more grateful for it than you know. You get it.

Danielle - Your recent postings have pushed me to start updating again too, and I am so motivated by your drive and determination, and unwavering willingness to make health and fitness a big priority in your life. Maybe one day I will try Crossfit too. Thanks for being a good and supportive friend. I love you!

That's all I've got right now, because I have to run. I love you all. ♥ I'm still alive, I promise!