March 30th, 2012

zombie cupcake

Cupcakes = Oxygen, or The Longest Post Ever

So this week has been The Week of the Cupcake™. Let me explain. Cupcakes have been everywhere. Explanation over.

But for example, a couple hours ago, my lovely co-worker Jared poked his head in from the kitchen and said, "Jen...there is a huge amount of cupcakes in here...they are big." I replied with, "No, you are seeing things." So I put off going in to the kitchen to make my salads for a few minutes. Then I finally worked up the courage to go in, and a wave of sugar scent hit me in the damn face. And then I saw these bitches:

So of course, I was like...

The good news is that they're vanilla. Which is delicious, don't get me wrong. But if they were chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate-peanut-butter red velvet, blue velvet, chocolate velvet, or anything else similarly more delicious, it'd be over. Which, speaking of red velvet, my other co-worker Danny brought in a big red-velvet cupcake for this girl whose birthday it was, but she had taken the day off, so he said the most evil words ever: "Oh, well, it's up for grabs if anyone wants it."

To my credit, I waited until the afternoon, only had half, and WEIGHED IT. 8 PP for 2.62 oz. of a red-velvet cupcake with cream-cheese icing. FML. But it was so yummy. If it had been dry, I would've been pissed because I would've eaten it anyway and then regretted it. But it was very delicious, so my regret is minimal. Also, Jared put the other half on my desk a little bit ago. I almost threw it at him. NO CUPCAKES TODAY, DAMN IT.

I am meeting my friend Katlyn at the gym to do some circuit training after work tonight. Last night we went too, and I did a 5K run. Kitzzy advised me earlier in the day to try it in intervals and push my pace harder in the middle to work my body out of its comfort zone because my pace won't improve otherwise. Fair point. So per her suggestion, I did:

1 mile easy jog at 5.0
.25 mile run at 6.3, .12 mile walk at 4.0 (three times)
1 mile easy jog at 5.0

It ended up taking me about a minute longer than usual to cover the distance, but I felt like I got a lot more out of it. I know running intervals and pushing harder during the running portions burns more calories, so I'm all for it. So I've adjusted my workout plan to make one of my 5K runs per week be in intervals, one at a steady pace, and then my longer run on the weekend at a steady pace. Again, at Kitzzy's suggestion. She's never steered me wrong before. :o) I'm going to have my work cut out for me if I'm in her marathon-training group this summer, that's for sure. Hoping I learn to love mornings, or at least tolerate them to the point I'm not hating my life.

I am pretty sure I'm running the Run for the Trees 5K.

(Kitzzy, P.S. When I searched Google Images for "Run for the Trees 5K", photos of you, your family, and Jason are all over the first two lines. Win.)

My goal is to run a sub-30 5K but that is going to be VERY tough, considering it's only a month away and I'm averaging 34:00-35:00 right now. I am really going to give it all I have, but we'll see. My body may not be ready. Unlike Snape's.

That's for you, Laura bb.

Now, the bad (well, worst, I guess) news: I gained weight. 1.8 lbs. D: BUT...I am down about a pound since my weigh-in already, and trucking forward just fine. I am determined to be down that much and more next week, and not let the wedding this weekend derail me completely. I am not sure what they're serving, but I'm going to have a diet soda or water between each alcoholic drink (I can't go too crazy, anyway, because I have to drive), eat slowly, and only until I'm satisfied, NOT stuffed. I'm pretty sure they're having a buffet, so that will help - big servings of the veggies, not so much of the starches and creamy stuff. I'm going to have to use really good judgment, and I hope the adrenaline from the 4-mile run that morning will keep my willpower intact throughout the night.

I should probably post a photo from the bachelorette party or something.

LOOK AT THESE SEXY LADIES. We had a really great time. :o) Lots of great stories to tell throughout the next couple years. Also, those shoes lasted me all of an hour. Sup.

Um, speaking of shoes...apparently I have a bunion. And apparently it is so gross that it sparked a huge amount of discussion in a post on ONTD (my fave celeb-gossip blog) about Steven Tyler's admittedly more disgusting feet.

But um, what!? I thought bunions were like hemorrhoids on your feet, but apparently it's when your foot bones are wonky in the sense that your big toe points toward your little ones. OK then. I think I only have it on my right foot, so that's good at least. And it's not that bad, and not painful. I asked my mom and she realized she has one too, on her left foot. But she said it's never given her issues, sooo...I'll just keep an eye on it. For a graphical depiction, see the creepy-ass bird photo above. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Oh while I'm thinking about it, I should post some more cute photos from Josh's and my trip.

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I'm going to close on a ranty note, and I apologize in advance. But if any of you see any bullshit like this, I implore you to resist re-posting it, nodding your head in assent, or anything else that would support the disgusting body shaming it perpetuates, even though it thinks it's being cute and supporting the ~everywoman~:

Guess what? The girl on the right has feelings too, and most likely body issues. Pointing her out personally as a "cause" of the problem instead of a (possible) symptom or a villain is not going to make the problem go away, nor is it going to make YOU skinnier. In fact? It goes completely AGAINST the goal it is (feebly) trying to accomplish by 100% perpetuating the idea that a woman's attractiveness should be based solely on the shape of her body. Get the F out of here with that backwards-ass logic. This garbage makes me ashamed to be a human and, considering this particular image was posted by a female (clearly an immature one, with body issues), a little ashamed to be female. We are supposed to be a team, ladies - not pit ourselves against one another. Shaming another woman isn't going to make YOU a better person - it may make you feel better in the short term, but in the long run, it's going to make you look like a bitter and pressed asshole.

Rant over.

Wish me luck tomorrow with the mountains of delicious free food and alcohol. Love you all!