March 23rd, 2012

wedding: kiss close-up

And may the odds be ever in your favor.


That's a really awful GIF I found in two seconds on Google, so forgive my impatience. But yes, I'm SO excited! Going to see it with a group from work and my friends Mels and Erin at 7:20. Can't wait! I wish there were Hunger Games-themed races. Without the death and destruction, obviously. I would need to be in much better shape to survive those. The zombie one alone will be cray cray enough.

So last night I went to the gym with my friend Katlyn. I was only going to run 2.5 miles but I managed a 5K distance, which is awesome. I knew I probably wouldn't be running again until Tuesday (busy-as-hell weekend), so I wanted to get in what I could. Was supposed to do some core this morning but, um, I slept instead. I knew I wouldn't get up to do it, I don't know why I told myself I would, honestly. It should be noted that the tagline for Planet Fitness (my gym) is the following:

The Judgement Free Zone

The absence of the hyphen bothers me, you guys. It really truly does. If the price wasn't to die for, I'd picket. I also prefer the "judgment" spelling, but that is another story. SMH. I wish I was joking but every time I walk past that stupid slogan I want to scream. And they have this buzzer that goes off when someone drops weights, to mock them. I'm like, first off? That's judgment. Second off, I want to buzz you for your crappy punctuation. Third, half the treadmills TVs do not work.

I stayed within my PP yesterday and earned a blue sticker! Woo hoo! It's been a while since I've seen one of those on my calendar, so it felt great - like the cliché single flower poking out from an otherwise desolate landscape. Of red stickers. Or sand. Whatever.

Weekend challenges, weekend challenges...

Tonight is Hunger Games, so I'm popping my own 100-calorie bag of popcorn and bringing that and some strawberries (yes, I'm THAT person). I already have two Jimmy Johns unwiches in the fridge waiting for my consumption. 5 PP for both, what uppppppp! Preparing FTW. We'll forget about that cake pop I had earlier and the ice cream I had a little bit ago. To be fair, I measured that damn ice cream, and I counted it all, and I researched various cake-pop recipes and picked the one with the highest PP value I could find (6). And I'm not hungry at all. After dinner and my popcorn and fruit, I'll still have 1 PP left. So booyah. But seriously, I should not be eating ice cream for lunch. That's not a good thing. My poor salad is sitting in the fridge crying.

My friend Danielle's bachelorette party is tomorrow, weeee! We're going to Disney during the day, so I'll eat breakfast before I go, pack a couple snacks in my bag, and try and be as healthy as possible wherever we stop for lunch. We're going out to dinner at night to an awesome-sounding place called Hamburger Mary's downtown. Which is a restaurant with a drag show. STOKED! Already decided what I'm getting: Chicken Club Salad with no cheese or bacon, light vinaigrette on the side. I may also be obnoxious and ask them to add oranges from one of the other salads. Anyway, then we're going out dancing and for drinks. ACTIVITY POINTS! I volunteered to be DD, so that will help a lot with the alcohol calories. Lord knows I drank enough last weekend. So do the people who kept walking past us while I was taking a nap in a park at 3 p.m. and asking Josh, " she OK?" Fail. 27 is the new 21. But seriously, I didn't drink after like 3. I am getting too old for these shenanigans. Poor Josh.

Sunday we're going bike riding in Downtown Winter Garden with Jeremy (Josh's brother) and Jess (Jeremy's fiancée). So that will be at least another APP earned. :o) Not sure where we're eating yet, but Josh and I have eaten at a couple places down there and I know I can find something fairly easily. Just have to make sure I eat breakfast so I'm not starving by the time lunch rolls around. I think we are cooking in the evening, then going to a show downtown.

Soooooo if you've read any of the comments in my last entry between my friend Kitzzy and me or if you saw my Facebook post about this a few weeks ago, you already probably figured it out, big running news is that...

I am going to run a full marathon.

Specifically, this one:

Like there was ever any doubt which race I'd pick.

It's the weekend of Jan. 12 next year so granted, I have some time to train. But I mean damn...26 miles? That is TWICE the longest distance I've run, and THAT takes everything I have. The thought of it is so scary, but I have to try. I don't want to stop at a half marathon. In my head, that's only half way. When running was my escape, the half was the goal. I've met that goal a couple times now, so I feel like it's time to set a new one.

To train, I am joining the Galloway Marathon Training Program at the beginning of June. Kitzzy recommended it to me - she's a leader for one of the groups, which is what we were talking about in the comments on my last entry. She is running the marathon too. :o)

But um yeah. June. In Orlando. RIGHT at the beginning of summer. In other words? FML. The heat itself will be killer. Luckily(?) the runs are all early, so the heat won't be an issue as much as the suffocating humidity, which I just learned is worse in the mornings. JOY. Hopefully my body adapts fairly quickly and I don't die. The program is designed to prevent injury, which is great, because I'd really rather keep my limbs and joints as they are if possible. My toenails are another story. I haven't lost any this year thus far, but who knows. There are still nine months of toenail-losing potential left.

I don't know what the hell I'm thinking. If someone told me 10 years ago (hell, three years ago) that I would run a marathon one day, I would've laughed in their face. The seven months between June and the race will teach me a lot about what I can endure, physically and mentally - I'm sure of it. I will be waking up when it's still dark out...on a weekend...whyyyyyyyyy ugh. I will be bitching, moaning, complaining, etc. a lot, I promise. Maybe I should re-think this. NO IT'S TOO LATE I CAN'T BACK OUT, I AM POSTING THIS ENTRY AND YOU GUYS CANNOT LET ME BACK OUT.

Anyway YEAH. Fun times. Stay tuned on all that.

I'm also realizing lately (and by lately I mean in the last day and a half) just how much feeding my body well and running affects me positively. The difference between my attitude when I'm eating poorly and not working out vs. when I'm eating well and working out is astronomical. My mom even noticed this after I called her after a run a few weeks ago. She was like, "You always sound so much happier and upbeat after you run." That was nice to hear, because sometimes I don't really think about it. But I've noticed it more and more lately, and I really want to be able to move more consistently toward getting high off of that feeling rather than food.

This has gotten lengthy. Until next time...