November 12th, 2011

wedding: kiss close-up

Short, sweet Saturday.

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I went abso-frigging-lutely crazy yesterday and I honestly have no idea why, other than sushi sounded good and for some reason, I had to eat everything in sight with sugar in it. It was seriously an awful food day, and looking back I'm pretty irritated at myself. But I am grateful I was adamant about counting everything, especially the bad decisions. Today isn't shaping up to be amazing either, but I did get another 5K run in, which I am happy about. I am going to work on being extra mindful at the park tomorrow, because I know I can't really let go too much if I still expect to lose. And damn it, I want to lose. I already have some snacks packed up and ready to go, so I'm optimistic I'll be able to handle it.

This entry is going to be brief, since I'm about to start making dinner, but I felt like I needed to own up to my crazy Friday. If anyone has any words of encouragement, they'd be much appreciated. I don't want to go back on a downward spiral - forward just seems such a more appealing direction.