November 10th, 2011

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Food & Whine

Current stats as of 11/09/2011

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I only lost .4 this week, but given the circumstances (shark week, Halloween still undoubtedly catching up with me, the fact that I ate every single APP I earned as well as all my WAPPs), I'll take it and hope for a bigger loss next week. I counted everything, and I am proud of that. Honestly, I'm hoping I can pull out 1.8 and hit 5 lbs. lost total since starting up again. We'll see.

I have been doing really well with my workouts. Saturday is yellow since I wasn't able to get through the entire race, but Thursday I had only planned to do 1.5 miles and I did 2.5, so I figure they kinda even each other out. ;-) Tuesday I made it through my entire 30 minutes on the treadmill, thank goodness. I actually felt very energized afterward and not like I was going to die. I was tired, but that's about as far as it went. Hoping for a repeat of that tonight. I'm actually excited to run tonight. It's crazy.

Speaking of running, my work is covering another 5K for us: the Reindeer Run!

I really wanted to do this race last year, but I was in Colombia for my friend Yurani's wedding. Coincidentally, she is going to be in town and will be my +1 for the race this year. :o) She has been training for a half-marathon distance and has lost about 15 lbs. on WW, which is awesome. She just had a baby back in April, and she looks great. I'm happy she's been able to fit in WW meetings and workouts and everything. Crazy superwoman! But yeah, excited. She and I have never run a race together, so it'll be fun. It's at Sea World. I have never been to Sea World, which is weird considering how many times I've been to Disney and Universal. The other options just always seem better.

I've made a plan for Food & Wine Fest, which we're going to this Sunday. I'm going to save my WAPP and APP (and hopefully not use them all...). This way I will also stay within my budget. :p

I tried to choose a few things I wanted to splurge on and some that seemed like they'd be good, healthier options too. I haven't counted the PP for them yet because I'm not sure how big the portions are going to be, so I'll have to do a little research beforehand on the items themselves and estimate sizes while I'm there.

I'm also going to make sure I eat a good breakfast, pack some healthy snacks in my bag, and request we go somewhere that has healthy (and preferably cheap) dinner options. Josh and I usually cook Sunday nights, so maybe I'll do that on Saturday night while he is studying. I'm enjoying it!

I'm getting pretty bored with my at-work snacks and salad. Any recommendations that are filling and not outrageous on PP?