November 8th, 2011


An Open Letter to Taco Bell

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Dear Taco Bell,

Before we get into this, I do want you to know that with unemployment rates skyrocketing, I appreciate the jobs you produce for UCF students and random high-schoolers alike. As someone who has worked in food service in the past, I can assure you that your generosity does not go unnoticed, and that your greasy kitchen is excused by the paychecks you provide.

But must you really exist three minutes from my apartment complex? I'm all for anti-censorship and I know it is my choice to change the station when your commercials come on my car radio, but you know damn well that me having 8 WAPP left means two chicken fresco soft tacos are going in my mouth. You could at least do a better job of getting those college kids to visit you during the week instead of just at 3 a.m. on the weekends, so my impatience for waiting in a long-ass line makes me keep on driving. Don't get me wrong - I appreciate your middle-of-the-night lines, because those are the times I make the worst decisions. But usually Josh is driving and we don't come to you anyway, even if (and probably especially because) I whine loudly. Last night, I wasn't even sure I was eating real chicken, I'll be honest. But it was so hot and juicy I didn't even care during those entire three minutes I was filling my belly with their chipotle-seasoned goodness.

I take my hat off to your idea of Fourthmeal, but this is seriously getting out of hand. Please have an accidental fire while your employees are not there, so they can stay alive and transfer to another store far away from me. Or at least offer some other options that don't involve a salad being the conveniently unhealthiest thing on your menu. That's just wrong.

Your slave who will continue to think outside the bun,

P.S. Thank you for discontinuing the sale of the Choco Taco. I have enough problems making it through the Wal-Mart freezer aisle alive.

So I don't know how much further I need to go here, but in case you can't tell, Taco Bell sort of owns my life. I'm grateful I tend to stick to my two chicken fresco soft tacos, but low PP value aside, they're still full of sodium and BS I don't really need once a week. But together they come to $3.17, and my birthday is 03/17. I CAN'T MAKE THIS UP. It is fate, I tell you. Fate.

On a related note, my co-worker just told me I eat more than any girl he knows. I don't know how to feel about this, except to nod in assent and say NUH UH, YOU EAT MORE THAN ANY GIRL YOU KNOW, but that would make no sense. I think in reality it means I should probably have more meals and give all the snacking a rest. He sees me bring so much stuff to my desk throughout the day, but it'll be like a piece of fruit here, some carrots there, a bowl of popcorn in the afternoon, etc. I think I need to start asking myself if I'm actually hungry, or if I'm bored/stressed.

NSV though: my supervisor ordered pizza in today, and I got a salad (with just veggies and turkey; I used my own dressing at the office). I feel good about that, especially given the fact that my weigh-in is tomorrow. I had my egg wrap like an hour before the salad, so I'm super full right now. Hopefully I stay that way for a couple more hours. My stomach needs to start shrinking because right now I think I can still toss back three sushi rolls and a 4-pack of mini cupcakes without blinking an eye. Maybe that's an exaggeration but probably not.

I had a pretty good workout last night. Not too intense, but I did about 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of core work. Better than nothing. Running tonight - going to try and make it through 30 minutes straight again.

Last but not least, here are a few photos from our camping trip. :o)

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