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November 7th, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Food/Activity Log: 11/04/2011Collapse )

Food/Activity Log: 11/05/2011Collapse )

Food/Activity Log: 11/06/2011Collapse )

Wow, that was a pain. I had to go back and recalculate the WAPP I had left at the end of each day, because my app keeps those numbers cumulative. So the screen shots aren't entirely accurate, but my own notes about the PP I had left for the week are correct. I guess I should be taking screen shots at the end of every day, even if I don't post them right away. Lesson learned.

Anyway, there were definitely many pros and cons about this weekend. The pros were basically that I counted every single thing I put in my mouth and stayed within my WAPP, which is more than I can say I've been doing lately. Weekends are very tough for me, but I made some good decisions. I stuck to my camping plan, for the most part - only had two s'mores, didn't overdo it on wine, counted out my chips, etc. I did have two hot dogs, because I was pretty starving, but they were fat-free hot dogs on light buns. Granted, I had half a candy bar the next morning before breakfast, but baby steps. I did order fairly well at First Watch, as you can see from my Sunday log: coffee (more than I meant to get, but it could've been worse), two eggs with avocado, fruit, a dry English muffin (which turned out to be a great sandwich maker for my eggs), and turkey sausage.

The 5K didn't go as well as I'd hoped. We actually ended up stopping after a mile, which is 100% my fault. I felt extremely winded and exhausted, and I think it was a combination of the cooler air, the fact that I skipped breakfast (which you should never do, but I was running out the door and completely forgot, which is unlike me), and that I attempted to do intervals. I realized about 1/4 mile in that it probably wasn't the best thing to attempt at my fitness level, which is low at the moment, but I pushed it anyway and it didn't end up working for me (which is not your fault, Kitzzy, so I hope you don't think that!). I felt pretty awful stopping when the rest of my co-workers finished (and under 30 minutes too, all of them - I wish I could get anywhere near 30 minutes). I am trying not to beat myself up over it too much and just move forward, but my pride took a pretty big beating this weekend. I need to just stick to the distance pacing and stay within my level. I know I'll be OK if I do that.

I made dinner again last night, and it actually turned out really delicious. I forgot to take photos in the madness - I'm still getting used to the stress of a kitchen, as I don't cook often - but the photos from the WW website are under the cuts, along with the recipes:

Beer-Soaked BeefCollapse )

Mashed Sweet PotatoesCollapse )

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Maple-Balsamic DrizzleCollapse )

I also made a salad with romaine, cucumber, and tomatoes. Josh LOVED the brussels sprouts. I think everything turned out really good. I forgot to bring a hand mixer to Josh's, so thank goodness his roommate has a blender. It ended up working really well.

I'm definitely proud of how accountable I kept myself this weekend, but if my scale today is any indicator, Halloween festivities aren't quite done catching up with me. I'm going to work on being as diligent as possible these next couple days, and hope my meeting scale says otherwise.


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