November 4th, 2011

runner girl

Weekend Strategizing and Run Report

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So here comes the dreaded weekend. Historically, weekends are my trouble time, because I don't have the same structure that my office environment provides me. At work, I have a set amount of food, and I eat a lot of the same things. So aside from the occasional treat brought in (which have been much more plentiful as of late), it's not that hard for me to stay on theory. Weekends are a whole other ball game. There are delicious places right within basically walking distance. Waterford Lakes, which is a sprawling and amazing shopping center, has my favorite cupcake shop, three (yes, THREE) Starbucks (which just last night I discovered has gingerbread lattes again), and a couple good sushi places that I love. And a short drive down the road are the evil place with the pumpkin-pie gelatis, my favorite sushi place ever with a 22-PP roll (WORTH IT THOUGH), etc. Also? First Watch. Which is a breakfast/brunch place Josh and I are in love with, and really does deserve its own tag, but I can't justify it yet. We'll see.

What's a sushi-and-sweets-loving girl to do on the weekends with challenges like these?

Luckily I have a strategy, which involves three simple steps:

1. Plan, count, and track. There is no reason I should not be able to enjoy Sweet, Jeremiah's, Gizmo Sushi, First Watch, and beer - in moderation. All in one weekend? Probably not the best idea. But I'm noticing the more and more off track I get, the less I enjoy the things I'm putting in my mouth. The guilt is just so permeating that I can't even really savor the foods I truly love, and my sense of portion control has gotten laughably bad. So I am vowing to plan a bit better and really enjoy the things I plan in advance.

2. Stick to my workouts. Lately, I've been slacking hardcore on all my my weekend workouts. There really is no excuse, either, because I typically give myself one weekend day off of the gym. So that's one day, and I've been blowing it off. Josh and I tend to wake up on Sundays, go to First Watch, and laze around most of the day. Which I LOVE, might not be the best thing to do the ENTIRE day. So along with my runs, I am going to start going to Everything Zen Yoga, for three Sundays in a row starting Nov. 20. It's across the street from my apartment complex, and they have a $25 three-class special for first-time students. I think it'll be a great alternative to the greasy-breakfast mornings I've been having. And if I can push my ass to the 9:30 class, maybe we can still go to First Watch - and I can control myself, i.e. one cup of coffee, eggs with avocado, fruit, etc. instead of greasy egg dishes and pancakes drowning in Olympic-sized swimming pools of syrup.

3. Cook. I mentioned this recently, but I've been trying to start cooking some WW-friendly meals on Sunday evenings for Josh and me. I really want to make that a regular thing. Most of the time we have leftovers too, so Josh eats it for lunch the next day or Tuesday. Everything has turned out successful for the most part so far, so I want to stick to this trend. I know he wants to have a hand in the cooking too, so as soon as his GMAT studying is over, he'll be cooking more. He told me he doesn't mind following WW recipes and that he'll measure everything well for me. :o) Love him.

I'm hoping this strategy will carry me through this weekend. I am determined to make it so. We are going camping tomorrow night, but I'm doing well on PP so far and feeling pretty motivated, so I'm confident I can enjoy a couple of s'mores and some beer without feeling guilt. We are going shopping after work, and he assured me he's fine with fat-free hot dogs. I'm lucky to have such a supportive and loving man. He makes me feel very beautiful and worthy and successful, and helps me see the things I really want and figure out how to overcome my challenges in a way that is right for my personality. It rules. I can go on about him all day, so I'll stop before I induce the vomit.

NSV (non-scale victory) time: I took on my planned 1.5-mile run at my apartment gym last night, and I'm stoked to report I made it an entire 30 minutes/2.5 miles without stopping to walk. That was so much more than I expected to do, and I'm very happy with it! I ended up using 1 of those 3 APP I earned toward a tall pumpkin-spice latte light at Starbucks, and I ended the day without dipping into my WAPP, which felt great. It's been a while since I have been able to say that. I think the thought of that coffee took me that extra mile, honestly (since I thought I'd need all 3 extra APP), but I'm OK with that.

Tomorrow I'm running this race with Josh and my co-workers:

It seems like a great time. I am not expecting to PR, but I am going to try my best to run the entire race without walking. It will be challenging, but I think if I keep my head in the right place I can do it.

I think that about covers it, aside from my stomach issues that I always have the first few days back on plan from all the produce, but that's TMI so peace out.