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May 10th, 2011

Week 3, Day 1

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So Jacksonville was a lot of fun. I had a great time visiting with Josh's family, and it was really relaxing to get away for a couple days. We did end up playing tennis and we did run, though only for about 1.5 miles - the heat was unbearable and there was no way we were dragging our asses out of bed before 11 when we'd stayed up late the night before, hah. But I also got a couple of 30-minute runs in on Tuesday and Thursday, so those probably helped me not gain. Because I ate. And ate. And ate. Josh and his brother, Jeremy, made this amazing crab dip in a bread bowl, and I didn't hold back. And there were crab cakes. And jalapeño cornbread. And apple bran muffins. And some Reese's I bought at Publix. And blueberry pancakes.

However, sticking mostly to my exercise plan + successfully weaning myself off of coffee we'll ignore the migraine I barely staved off this morning + making a few healthy choices (i.e. bringing fruit for the car ride to Jax and having fruit on the side of my pancakes as opposed to the included bacon or sausage) = a pretty good victory for me. Hell, it's the most effort I've put into my health and fitness in a week, so I'll take it and commit to making a bit more of an effort this week.

One of my big challenges lately has been sweets. When I was training for my half, I didn't crave them nearly as much as usual. Now I can't wake up without thinking about chocolate. It's awful. I need a 12-step program. I can't even buy dark chocolate and divvy it up - I end up eating the whole damn bar, which is what happened this morning. I bought two bars last night...one I had then, and the other I said I would save and have a piece of today, and then a piece every day throughout the week. I ended up eating a piece at 1:45 a.m., another at 6 a.m., and the last three pieces at 7 a.m. Only 5 PP for the entire thing, but still...I need to get my ass under control. And until I can, I know I can't keep it around.

As you can see, I don't have too many huge social challenges this week. My work is making dinner for 60+ people for the Ronald McDonald house on Friday, which is one of our charities we're donating to this month, but I'm going to eat dinner beforehand so I'm not starving by the time we get there or scrambling for fast food right after. Saturday Josh and I are doing a bike ride with Kitzzy and her boyfriend, Jason. They are awesome and are letting us borrow some bikes and helmets. Josh really likes biking and he's great at swimming, so I am trying to persuade him to do a triathalon. I think he would be amazing with a little training. We'll see! But anyway, the bike ride goes to an ice-cream shop, so I am going to allow myself a little cup of yogurt. It will be a nice treat. Like I said, I am used to stuffing my face with chocolate lately, sooo if I'm able to handle myself with the sweets this week, I know it will satisfy me. Coffee down...sweets to go.

I'm going to stop paying for WW soon. Like Danielle and George (hekidanjo), I am just so bored with the meetings. The topics are recycled to death and I already know most of what they talk about. Plus the parking at my meeting location is annoying and I'm just tired of paying. I can use the money for other stuff.

On a side note, I'm seriously considering going my friend Danielle's (danielleisms) route and starting a non-LJ blog. I want to model after a couple blogs I really love and feel like I can relate to: Carrots 'n' Cake and Running off the Reese's. They are so fun and witty, and I get a lot of great tips from them. That second one cracks me up. She seriously reminds me so much of myself - sweets- and pop-culture obsessed, a slow(ish) runner, a meme junkie, crazy sense of humor, etc. And we're the same age too. What do you guys think? I am thinking of either keeping my jenislosingit namesake (i.e. jenislosingit.com - I already made a Twitter account for it, hah), orrrrr maybe chocolateorgtfo.com. I think that suits me well. ;p But I also want to use it for professional purposes so maybe not so much. I want to use it for some other random musings/interests, too, not just health and fitness. But that will be the basis of it.

This post has gotten long enough. Pray for my sweets withdrawals to subside.


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