May 6th, 2011


Week 2, Day 4

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So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week were great. Yesterday? Epic fail. My boss is amazing and bought beer and chips and made salsa and guacamole and shrimp fajitas and I ate it ALL. Yes I drank beer at work.

See? And I least I chose the light version. /justification Excuse my puffy hair and eyes. I'M STILL DETOXING FROM THE COFFEE, OK!? But seriously I just went ahead and said I used all my APP and WAPP because I have no idea and I know it's the safe and responsible thing to do. Blah blah.

And I'm still addicted to sweets. I have mixed two packets of hot-cocoa powder with coffee creamer today and just eaten it. I wish I was kidding. I measured the creamer but honestly when it gets to that point, does it matter? I'm going with yes.

The good news is I've been doing pretty well with my workouts. I didn't get on the elliptical Wednesday, but I did get through my runs on Tuesday and yesterday. Granted, this morning I felt vomity because my Tostitos binge apparently didn't pair well with a 30-minute run, but I totally deserved it after shoveling all that BS into my facehole. I'm really happy I can still get through a 30-minute run with no walk breaks, but it's not enough for me. I'm up weight and I can tell my body is done letting me make excuses and being forgiving. I feel so much different than I did two months ago, and I really want that to change...sooner rather than later.

I ordered a new Bondi Band. I lost the one Kitzzy gave me. :[ I loved that thing too. I had it at the Corporate 5K and I remember having it at the end of the race but I have no idea where it went after that. So I'm excited to get that because my bangs are crazy and the band I have now slips a lot.

Heading to Jacksonville tonight with Josh to visit with his family for Mother's Day. I'm excited for a nice relaxing weekend. It's going to be beautiful out tomorrow, so we're going to the beach. We are supposed to play tennis tomorrow and run Sunday, so there's some activity. I just hope I can keep my food in check. I brought some extra snacks to work for the trip up there since we're going straight after work, so hopefully I won't be starving by the time we get there.

Happy Friday! I would post that Rebecca Black video, but I hate that song. Here's the "Glee" version, which is infinitely better. But still awful.