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May 3rd, 2011

Week 2, Day 1

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I basically maintained this week. I was doing so well with food from Tuesday through Friday night, and then I just kind of stopped caring. I had total ability to control my environment this weekend and I still chose not to. I honestly don't know why, other than laziness. So last night after my weigh-in, I decided not to have my usual last-day-of-the-week mentality, and stayed OP with my food. Today will be the first time I have run since the 5K on the 23rd. It's pretty bad how much I have been slacking, so I'm going to work to get back on a regular schedule. I am very determined to stick to my plan. Josh and I will be in Jacksonville this weekend, so days 5 and 6 were his suggestion. He said, "We are definitely running in the morning one day we're there" hah. I was like, OK. It's going to be a warm and sunny weekend, so hopefully we'll get some swimming in too. I am worried about food, but as long as I have fruits and veggies around, I know I'll be OK.

I'm giving up coffee. I am way too dependent on it, and I have a ton of caffeine-free tea at the office that needs drinking. Plus it's unnecessary PP I could be using on food. I need to make sure I stock up on some Aleve for my purse tonight because I'm sure I'll be battling caffeine headaches this week. Josh is giving up coffee too...we have a little pact. And we are competitive so we'll see who cracks first. :p It won't be me. I hate feeling so dependent on it.

Going to Panera for lunch today. Have my 8-PP lunch (1/2 smoked turkey sandwich, cup of low-fat chicken-noodle soup, and mixed fruit) planned out, so that will be fine.

Nothing else to cover, really. I wish I could say YAY I'M RUNNING AND HITTING GOALS X, Y, AND Z AND HAVING NSVs OUT THE WAZOO, but I'm not. I promise I am working on getting back there, though. I will update today's food log tonight.

Time for more tea.

Edit: I made a 10-Week Workout Plan. This worked well for me last time, and helped me keep accountable. Hope to fill it up with yellow highlights again.


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