March 25th, 2011

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Week 12, Day 4

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Yesterday was another success! Thank goodness. I need all the successful days I can get to make up for the past couple weeks.

Ran with Josh this morning. We did 2.5 miles in 30:33, so not too bad. I can tell it's difficult for him to keep pace with me - he usually does a 9-something-minute mile. But he is being a good sport about it, so that's nice. This morning was really tough. I thought it'd be easy since Tuesday's run was nice and refreshing, but I was struggling! Not good. I had to stop and walk for a bit a couple times. Makes me wish I was doing a long run this weekend sometime but between friends in town tonight and tomorrow and moving Sunday, it will be tough to get it in. :[ I will be kayaking tomorrow, though...and moving totally counts as APP. Right? :p

I don't know how realistic my "only use earned APP and no WAPP!" rule is going to be this weekend, but I am determined to try my best. We're going to World of Beer tomorrow night and I want to allow myself at least one Brooklyn Weiss (♥ fave). I have a whole bottle of vodka sitting in my freezer (birthday present from Mels FTW) that I also may bring to Josh's for festivities tonight, sooo...I just need to be careful and write everything down.