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March 24th, 2011

Week 12, Day 3

Food/Activity Log: 03/23/2011Collapse )

So far so good on the "getting back on track" plan! I bitched out of my run this morning, but that's OK. My head hurt, and Josh and I are going to make it up tomorrow. Plus, I am doing a walk after work today with my co-workers for the Make-a-Wish Foundation that I totally forgot about, so that's a couple APP anyway. Yay.

I forgot to update you guys on my toenail. It seems to be hanging in there (no pun intended). I got a pedicure with my friend Marianne last weekend and got some nice dark red polish, so you can't even see the blackness anymore. Score!

They had pizza at work yesterday, and I didn't eat any. I am awesome. Today I had a little piece of crust, but I counted it as 1 PP just in case. Doing great otherwise - still have 16 DPP left, and about to have my salad. My jeans aren't tight and I think this weekend I may have the stones to pull on my 4s again if I can stay on track.

I think I'm going to switch back to regular Eggstirs/Egg Beaters. Egg whites are OK, but the ones that include a little yolk taste so much better to me, and they are the same PP value. I don't really eat many things with cholesterol in them, so I think it's fine.

Still a little apprehensive about the weekend. I am going to have to really push myself and plan ahead.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to share an NSV I had at work this morning. My co-worker said I look "tiny". I will take it! Haha. ♥


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