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February 22nd, 2011

Week 8, Day 1

Food/Activity Log: 02/22/2011Collapse )

I kicked some major ass today. Got through a 10K run at 1:12:55, still have 10 PP left as of this moment (insane). I'm not even hungry because I ate SO much produce today. I am going to have what I noted in my journal (veggie patty, soy milk, and the rest of my cauliflower from last night's dinner) while watching TV in a little bit. So I'll have 5 left. I feel weird leaving that many, but I'm just not hungry for them, honestly.

Speaking of the run, sorry I didn't post on Runmeter - I ran on the treadmill, so it would have been silly, lol. My knees hurt a bit more tonight so I peas'ed them. Can't risk injury before the race. I'm so happy my friend Alexis is letting me crash at her place the night before, AND picking up my race packet for me (she works at Disney) so I don't have to make two trips to the Disney area. I am buying her sushi for lunch Sunday after the race (and after I shower and possibly nap, lol), and probably again sometime in the near future. ♥ I seriously owe her big time.

So I weighed in at the office with my co-worker (we do every Tuesday morning) and the scale said 128.8, which is actually .4 down from last Tuesday morning (remember, my scale is 2 lbs. higher than WW's - and than most other scales I've used, in fact). I am pretty pumped about that! Makes me feel like I just may be able to reach goal #2 this week. We shall see...

Edit: Forgot to mention - as you can see, did NOT give up coffee this week. Probably not the best week to attempt that. But as long as I'm not going too crazy with it, I'm not going to beat myself up. Not this week anyway. :o)

Edit #2: Oh, I meant to give a shout-out to Lizz (lizblizz). We are FINALLY meeting tomorrow after years of being LJ buds! ♥ Going to Sweet Tomatoes, so it should be easy to stay on track. :o)


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