February 17th, 2011

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 7, Day 3

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I may also have the rest of the grapes in my fridge when I watch TV in a little bit.

But yeeeeah. Without going into too much gory detail (see what I did there? You will in a sec), I had a very good reason for wanting two bars of chocolate today shark week (< there it is). So I ate them. They were good. And I stayed OP. Which is kind of ridiculous, but I managed it. This exciting event also may explain why the scale hasn't budget in the past few days. Since my weigh-in isn't for four days, I accept this.

I haven't worked out in two days and I feel kinda lazy. That's a good sign, right? I was supposed to run today but I had a pretty crazy day at work. I am definitely going to tomorrow. I'm going out at night, so I want to make sure I get some more APs in in case I want a beer or two.

I'm pretty happy. Old!Jen would have been like UGH TWO CHOCOLATE BARS, FML, THIS WEEK IS SHOT, but New!120s!Jen is so much different. It's awesome.

I've been slacking on these Daily Challenges, but this one hits home for Kitzzy so I went ahead and did it, with her encouragement: I read this info about signs of a heart attack:

http://bit.ly/HeartSigns (If you're a woman--or have loved ones who are women--read this page also: http://bit.ly/WomensHearts)

Pretty scary stuff, especially when a life could depend on a single moment. So read up and edumacate yo'selves.