February 16th, 2011

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 7, Day 2

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Today was pretty darn uneventful, to be honest. The developers had to stay late at work so bowling was postponed. I had really been looking forward to it but I think it's just pushed to the 2nd so I don't have to wait too long! But the good news is I wasn't tempted by beer, wings, or pizza. Score.

Tomorrow I will have a long work day so I am fully aware I may have to push my run to Friday if I'm beat. If that happens, I plan to also work in 30 minutes of core training after the run and then just push my long run to Sunday.

I did have a tiny epiphany (is that even possible?). I realized today that getting to my goal is more important than eating when I'm emotional. I know that sounds kind of minor, but before today it was kind of just how I should be thinking rather than how I actually was thinking. I was thinking about how to use my last couple points, and I'm sitting here right now not hungry at all. And not eating those points is OK with me because my goal is too important to eat just because I can. I don't feel like the 120s are untouchable or unstable anymore. I feel like I am only going to get closer and closer to goal.

Sleepy as hell again. Sweet dreams, all!