February 15th, 2011

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Week 6, Day 7

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So um, I'm pretty over the moon right now. Today's weigh-in marked a few milestones for me:

1. First time in as long as I can remember that I've stayed under 130 two weeks in a row.
2. I am just over halfway to goal. (!!!!!)
3. I reached my 5% goal.

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I am so proud of myself. I would LOVE to say I will reach Goal #2 next week, but six pounds in the past two weeks is kind of a lot for my build, so I don't want to set my hopes too high. Especially since I have some big food challenges coming up this week, as you can see above. I will be happy with any loss, but if I don't get Goal #2 next week, then definitely the week after (following my half!).

Tonight I estimated a little on my rolls (specifically the Bananarama one) and the edamame (I couldn't measure it and I wasn't sure just how much oil they used), but I think I did a pretty good job. Sweet was actually OUT OF CUPCAKES (my life = ruined; Melissa laughed, what a b!&@h), so Melissa gave me some chocolate. Fewer PP than I would've spent on the cupcakes - 6 as opposed to the 9 I recorded - but I feel fine counting it as 9 just in case I underestimated the other stuff.

I have a few NSVs to share before I wander off to bed.

1. The edamame I got at the restaurant tonight is usually served REALLY oily and salty, so I asked specifically that they use very little salt and oil. The waiter brought it out and I tried it and, yeah...it was normal. I felt like such a tool, but I sent it back. The poor waiter - he was like, "Oh, I told them..." I apologized and said I believed him but I can't eat it. The new batch was a lot better, but still really salty. I usually don't cause too much of a fuss at restaurants, but I have worked too hard to just suck it up when I'm paying them $5 for a cup of beans. I wonder how many PP spit is.
2. The size 7 jeans I just bought at Target? They're kind of loose - yeah, even after my sushi and candy tonight. A size 7 being loose on my crazy hips is pretty unreal.
3. My co-worker brought in some amazing-looking chocolate-chip cookies with cream-cheese frosting today. I almost had one, but didn't - I kept my weigh-in and night of sushi and sweets in my mind. :p She is such a good baker, too, so it was tough to resist!
4. After my meeting tonight, I was standing around texting on my phone, kinda far away from the older ladies in the meeting who were still packing up their stuff to go and chatting. I overheard one of them say, "I want to look like Jen." I know they were talking about me because I had sat right in front of them, and shared my 5% goal, etc. Plus, there are not many people in the meeting and I am the only Jen, hah. I felt so flattered. I am shy around people I don't really know and wanted to be humble, so I kind of pretended I didn't hear, but it made me feel so freaking good.

That's all for today. I am a little intimidated by the challenges this week, but I'm confident I can stick to my goals for the week and still lose!
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Week 7, Day 1

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Blue-Sticker Tuesdays are becoming the norm, lol. On my calendar, all of February has only three blue stickers, and they are all on Tuesday. Go figure. I need to work on that.

Not too much to report today. My co-worker had cookies and I resisted because I knew it'd probably put me over for the day, and I hate being over on Day 1 of my week. Wasn't worth it with all the challenges coming up, so I had a couple cups of hot cocoa instead.

Didn't make my whole 5K distance on the treadmill today. Just wasn't feeling it. But I did get through 2.5 miles, and I did eat very well. I can't be too disappointed.

I started breaking in my new running shoes today. So far so good.

Tomorrow I'm bowling with my co-workers after work. I'm excited. I haven't been bowling in probably over a year, and I miss it so much.

Time for Glee and bed. So tired.