February 13th, 2011

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Week 6, Day 6

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So...I have a lot to say. Lol. I have been slacking on posts the past few days, but I really have been busy!

First and foremost, let's talk about activity. Thursday I had a bad day and failed in getting my run in. But my Step Sculpt class was canceled Friday (WTF, right!?) so I ran a 5K distance to make up for Thursday. I say "make up", but I mean, I should've worked out in conjunction with the run. But bygones. I did something. Today? Today I hauled my ass out of bed at 6:30 a.m. (on a Sunday - I don't even get up that early for WORK) to run 10 miles in 40-degree weather with Kitzzy (yzztik). It was actually really, really awesome. I was expecting her to have to drag me along and keep me awake, but I had eaten a good breakfast so I felt pretty energized. It was really cold (for Florida, I mean - I was scraping ice off my windshield, FML), but we warmed up after the first couple miles and had to start taking off our jackets and gloves and whatnot. I wore the toe caps (I didn't get those specific ones, but I bought similar ones at CVS yesterday). They seemed to help a little, but I dunno, they still hurt. I just don't want to lose my toenails. So gross. The girl at the running store (who directed me to CVS for a better size) told Danielle and me that she used to run 70+ miles a week in college and she lost all her toenails and painted nail polish right on the skin. No. Effing. Thanks. I think I would die. /priss /tangent But anyway, yes, the run. 2:01:32, which rules. It's a 12:07/mile pace, and for a distance that long, I am super proud of us! We anticipated closer to 13:00. We think the cool weather helped. We walked two minutes after each mile too (three after miles 4 and 8 so we could eat our fuel, i.e. "frosting" for me, lol), so that time is REALLY great considering! I had a lot of fun. This was my first double-digit distance (ALLITERATION!), so I'm stoked to have reached that milestone. Kitzzy set up RunKeeper on her iPhone and Facebook so it spoke comments to us that people made! Danielle (danielleisms) and Kitzzy's boyfriend Jason cheered us on. It was so cool. I am going to download that app to use during my half. Hopefully people will be up early enough to comment. I felt pretty good afterward too - not huffing and puffing or super drained. I stretched really well and bought some frozen peas at the grocery store, which I iced my knees with. I think I may put them on my shins in a bit - they are starting to yell at me. But yeah, all in all, definitely a successful run, and it made me really be able to see that I can finish the half marathon.

Also, I think Kitzzy, Danielle, my friend Yurani, and I are going to run the OUC Half Marathon! It was Kitzzy's first half, back in 2009 (I think? Kitzzy, correct me if I'm wrong!). The specific info for this year's race isn't posted yet and you can't register yet, but Kitzzy says it's around $50 (um, WAY cheaper than the Disney Princess Half, let's just be clear here, lol) and that it's a lot of fun. So that will be a great thing to strive for and do with them! Yurani and I have been wanting to run a race together forever but she had to go get pregnant, hah, so she can't for a while. She is pretty in shape though - works in the wilderness and whatnot, has done Warrior Dash, hikes like crazy, is into running, etc. - so she'll bounce back quickly after the baby is born around the end of April. This will be her first half, and Danielle's too! It will be so awesome to do it together. And it starts right near my office and where Kitzzy lives, so we'll probably hang out at her place before and maybe after. It is the first weekend in December usually, so it will hopefully be cool out. And that will give me a good two and a half months to train after coming back from Australia.

Speaking of Australia, I had a really awesome idea today. I have been dreaming about how when I go to Sydney, I am going to get up one morning and run around the Darling Harbour and take pictures and such. I think I am going to make that a travel goal of mine - everywhere big I visit (Paris, London, etc. - all the big places I want to go), I am going to make it a priority to run and take pictures. Run around the world. Now I just need the funds to do this, but hopefully it will be a gradual, life-long experience. :o) But for now, I am just stoked to say I finally got to Sydney and am in the best shape of my life and am running miles around the harbour. It will be amazing.

So, food. Let's discuss. I have been doing pretty well. I have used all my earned APs but I still have 35 WAPP I haven't touched...though most will probably be used tomorrow night for Mels' and my *~forever alone~* sushi date. Yes, I made a reservation, and yes, it is after my weigh-in, lol. I weigh in the next morning for my office challenge with my co-worker and the chart I am keeping over at ww_users though, so I will have to not go too crazy. Hm...I am looking at their menu...I think I am going to get a tuna roll, a Bananarama roll (I can't help myself, it's my fave), and then share a dessert with Mels. And yes, I have tried the Cholste-roll and yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.

But yeah I had a ton of temptations this week, especially at work, and I did end up giving in to some of them. I had two Krispy Kreme doughnuts Thursday, and a brownie and piece of cookie Friday (oh hey, did you know a Jason's Deli brownie is 12 f*@!ing PP? Well it is, FYI). It was all delicious, but I still feel kind of gross. I will say I had a huge NSV Friday. I went to my friend's house and they had a crap ton of KFC food and I was hungry. So I picked up a foil-wrapped corn on the cob and unwrapped it to see if it was buttered. And it wasn't, so I ate it, and it was good. No biscuits, chicken, or leftover Super Bowl cookies. I only used 2 WAPP, for the corn - and that was the day of the 12-PP brownie. Score one for me.

Today at the grocery store I got some new oatmeal - 3 PP instead of the 4 with the brand I usually buy, so that's awesome. The 4 PP keeps me from eating oatmeal sometimes and I honestly love eating it because it's filling and gets my whole grains in.

NOW THE FUN STUFF. I went to Tampa yesterday and Danielle and I went shopping to get me some new makeup and her a dress for her upcoming engagement party. We ended up finding her the perfect dress (she looked so good in it!), and I bought a new cardigan from Forever 21 (in a Small!) and some new makeup. First time I have bought makeup that isn't drugstore brand. Hope I notice a difference in quality because, um, it wasn't cheap. At MAC I got a palette of four new eyeshadows, a really good undereye concealer, and some blush. At Sephora, I got a little pot of eyeliner and eyeshadow base. Then I went and got mascara and brushes at CVS because I was running low on funds. Luckily Modcloth is refunding me for one of my dresses that got a hole in it after I only wore it for like four hours, so I can go get the diffuser I need for my hair dryer and some new hair serum for my frizzies. My hair is still a work in progress. I also think I'm going to buy a better brush set from Sephora and return the CVS one because I don't think they're quite what I need. Yay me for being girly.

Now the REALLY fun stuff.

- We stopped at Betsey Johnson and I tried on this dress. Lol at them thinking me in my Target jeans and a shirt someone handed down to me is going to drop $500 on a party dress, but I tried it on in a 6 and it fit. I wanted to shriek in the fitting room, but I stayed classy. I think at goal I could get into a 4, but baby steps. Danielle is going to buy it for me for my birthday, aren't you, Danielle? ;x But seriously, I think my prom dress was a 9? Wait, I have it in my closet, let me go look...OK yep, 9/10. I tried it on, lol...it isn't RIDICULOUSLY big on me, but I would definitely have to buy the 7/8 now, at least. ♥ Yay for being smaller than I was in high school.
- I fit into a size-27-waist jeans. I tried pairs from two different stores. So maybe I am measuring myself wrong? IDK but I'm stoked.
- Pretty much all the shirts/tops/dresses I tried on for shiggles were in a size Small. I was dancing in the F21 dressing room, guys.

One more pretty big one...may be TMI for the couple of dudes who read this (looking at you George and Jaime, lol), but I got fitted for my bra size at Nordstrom and the girl was like:

Her: "What size do you wear now?"
Me: "I don't even know. I have a 34C on right now."
Her: *inspects me* Um...you're definitely a 34, closer to a 32 than a 36, and you're definitely a D. Actually, you're a 34D/32DD, depending on the bra.
Me: *almost passes out*

I didn't even know 32DD existed...WTF? So she got me some bras to try on in those sizes and they did fit, so um...yay. I didn't buy them because I am waiting until goal and didn't want to spend $60 on a bra, but they were comfortable and made me feel amazing. The fact that I am losing inches and not boobage (and that I have bigger ones that I thought) makes me giddy. Sorry, TMI I know, BUT I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

Another clothes NSV...I have a couple pairs of jeans (one in a 10, one in a very big 8, both from Old Navy) that I used to wear on my "fat" days (not fat at all, but you guys know what I mean)...I tried them on last night and, yeah...I can't even wear them anymore. It looks stupid, lol. I pulled them off without even unbuttoning them. I have to give them away. NSV+++++++++++.

Oh I should also mention that Danielle, John (her fiancé), and I made a really yummy WW dinner last night. We had pesto-and-feta-stuffed chicken breasts, green beans with garlic (the garlic was cooked so perfect too - thanks, John!), and fingerling potatoes. Om nom nom, it was excellent. Thanks for feeding me healthy stuff, guys. :o)

So I'm calling this weekend a huge success. It was easy compared to some of my upcoming challenges - Valentine's Day tomorrow (I'm sure there will be candy everywhere), Yurani's U.S. wedding reception 02/19, dinner with friends in town on both 02/20 and 02/23, Danielle's engagement party on 02/26, and sushi with a friend 02/27 in the afternoon after my half - but I think I can handle it. I have come too far to screw up and not care just because of some events. Must focus on people and not food.

Kitzzy, Danielle, and Laura (celestialcure - how did you not have a tag on my blog? I just made you one, lol) started using this app called Daily Challenge and it seems like a really great component to leading a healthy lifestyle. It seems to focus a lot on getting your mind in the same place about bettering yourself as you're expecting your body to go. Today's challenge was to create a list about three things in life that make you happy, so here's mine.

1. My family and friends. I feel extremely fortunate to have such supportive people in my life, and I don't know what I'd do without them.

2. My health. So many people aren't fortunate enough to be in good health and have the ability to live an active lifestyle and eat right every day, so I feel very lucky that I am able to take ownership and do that.

3. My education and job. I know the job market is so tough right now that even a bachelor's degree doesn't go very far these days, but I have a great job with amazing co-workers and supervisors who take care of each other and make me feel like a valued asset. I could not ask for a better everyday environment.

I think this entry is long enough, lol. That's what I get for putting it off. I took a nap earlier but I am still tired, so I think I am going to eat my sherbet, catch up on some TV, and get to sleep. Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy Valentine's Day!