February 9th, 2011

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 6, Day 1

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OK technically today is Day 2 of my week, but I meant to post this entry yesterday so we'll pretend, and then hopefully tonight I won't be too tired to post again with today's food log.

Yesterday went really really well. I am very proud that I have seen the 120s and am still trucking along like I am still in the 130s. My calendar is looking quite redless. I have to hang onto that.

Had a run with Kitzzy that was tough at first because of the cold, but we pushed through it. We warmed up after a little while and finished strong. 3.5 miles, 11:17/mile pace, which is amazing. And we took three short walk breaks too. Very cool. I am starting to feel like my longest two toes (the ones right next to the big toe) are bruising underneath the nail, though, so Kitzy suggested these toe caps. I will probably invest in them because she said people have lost toenails and I'm like um...no. God, that would scar me. That and losing teeth are two things I shudder over. Eesh.

Anyway. I am going to that trivia thing with Melissa tonight at a pizza place (I mean, a Diet Coke place), so I'm going to have dinner (veggie patty, bag of veggies with cheese, and an apple) right before I go. That will give me 5 points for when I get home, and I am thinking something with turkey bacon sounds good...I haven't opened the package yet and I'm craving it.
wedding: kiss close-up

Week 6, Day 2

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So I resisted pizza AND dessert tonight. Score! The guy next to me at trivia put a bag of doughnut-hole things right in front of my face and I said no thanks. I did down an entire glass of Diet Coke, but I hardly ever drink soda so I'm OK with that if it kept me from the pizza (which did look amazing, but luckily it was on the other end of the table).

I will probably eat some blueberries while catching up on Gossip Girl in a little while, but I will not eat anymore PP. I ate dinner before trivia, had a big apple on my way home, and just finished some turkey bacon I've been craving all day. I am keeping Monday's weigh-in and the thought of sushi and cupcakes with Melissa for Valentine's Day in my mind. It is helping to know what I really want is only a few days away.

Another 40-minute run with Kitzzy tomorrow if it doesn't rain (otherwise, the treadmill it is). I'm excited. I hope my toes don't start hurting again.