February 6th, 2011

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 5, Day 6

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So yeah I didn't quite stick to my "Use only the APPs I earn today!" rule for the Super Bowl party, but you know what? It was only 5 more than that, and I ran 8 damn miles today. EIGHT. Like, the number after 7 and right before 9. Yes, that 8! It took me about an hour and 45 minutes, which is not too shabby. I did the first four miles at a 4.8 pace and the last four at 5.0, and walked for two minutes after every mile except for mile 4, where I walked three minutes so I could eat my energy gel. Which tasted like mint-chocolate icing, seriously yum. That was worth running, haha - getting to eat dessert halfway through. How sad. But yeah I'm pretty jazzed I got through the whole thing. It was a major win, even though I kind of felt like dying afterward. Hopefully it pays off on the scale tomorrow.

But this is what I had to deal with at this party, guys.

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Sorry for the iPhone-quality pics. But yeah. I managed to stick mostly to the food I brought (the dip turned out really yummy, too!), but I did have two mini red-velvet cupcakes and three chocolate-chip cookies from Publix. All worth it. Red velvet is my jam, seriously. And I love love LOVE Publix chocolate-chip cookies. So I saved the little ice-cream cup I brought for later this week. Also, yay Packers! ♥

About to order new running shoes! Hopefully they come in before Sunday so I can start breaking them in with my long runs.

To close, here is another photo of my hair. I love it so much, I can't help it.

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Sorry again for the quality but what do you guys think? That is pretty much how it is naturally, except for my bangs. I still have to straighten those. But this takes me waaaay less time than straightening all my hair, and...I kind like it better. Plus I can't really perfect the wavy style yet. But I am going to pick up a good round brush next weekend and make some more attempts.