February 5th, 2011

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Week 5, Day 5

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So a couple setbacks to report. Last night I finished off my APPs I've earned and dipped into my WAPP bank, so I have 25 WAPP left. Which isn't a bad thing - I just really didn't want to touch them until at least tomorrow, since it's Super Bowl Sunday, but it was worth it. I got to try a new beer and I made some good choices at Taco Bell that were still really satisfying to my tipsy self. Yes, I had a nice buzz going after a beer and a half, but I was on a fairly empty stomach (don't do this, I made a bad decision) and the beer was really strong.

The other setback is that I didn't hit my Step Sculpt class after work yesterday. :-/ I know I am going to be paying for it during my run tomorrow. I went to the grocery store after work and cleaned my house today though, so there is NO excuse not to run tomorrow. I have a whole day before the game starts and no distractions, so I will eat my breakfast and then get on that run an hour later. It's supposed to rain so I'm just going to use the treadmill at my gym. Kitzzy gave me these energy gels to try, so about 4 miles in I am going to eat one of those and see how I do.

But some NSVs too (which are way more fun)!:

1. I went to D&D tonight (it was fun!) and the guys were ordering pizza. So I brought a banana, a veggie patty, and some frozen veggies with cheese to eat. I realized I REALLY wanted a slice of pizza though, so I ate my food first, waited a bit, and then got a piece of the cheese because it just looked so amazing and was less in PP than pepperoni. I am glad I ate the stuff I brought first because I probably would have had two slices otherwise. They were really greasy though so I dabbed out as much grease as I could with a paper towel. And I was satisfied. I don't regret it at all, so WIN!

2. I went to Target with Melissa last night and I thought I'd try on some pair of jeans in size 6/7, just for S&Gs. So I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans in a 6, one in a 7 (those ran in odd sizes), and then a pair of flared jeans in a 6. The first ones I tried on were the skinny jeans in a 6. They were big. Like, not as in they felt a little loose. No - they were baggy, like I could have pulled them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. I almost cried in the fitting room lol. I almost went and grabbed the 4 just to see if it would fit but Mels was getting antsy about leaving. :p But the other 6s fit just right and the 7s fit really well too, so I bought the 7s because they looked really good. But like...I'm a 6/7 in jeans. I haven't been able to say that since 7th grade, seriously. I feel so proud. That purchase kept me from drinking more and from making bad choices at Taco Bell, so it was worth it!

3. Um, today is my first green-sticker Saturday in I can't even remember how long. Score.

So yeah, I am pretty stoked. It's really nice to see these positive outcomes detailed out. I feel like I am doing something right. I am pretty certain I can stay OP tomorrow. I decided I will allow myself to use the APPs I earn during the run if I want to, but that's it. But I am going to try not to use them all, if I can.

Another mini NSV but...I was cleaning my house today and I looked in my fridge and freezer and I realized how awesome it was, just to see how well I am taking care of myself and that I make my health a priority. I have soymilk, water bottles, tons of fresh and frozen produce, yogurts, diet soda (that I bought for tomorrow - I usually don't drink soda), light cheese wedges, turkey bacon, soy meat substitutes, sherbet, etc. And it my cabinets too - canned veggies, couscous, whole-wheat pasta and bread, light popcorn, oatmeal, etc. A ton of whole, fresh food. It really did make me feel accomplished and proud that I have made such deliberate changes in my life. Maybe I can't keep jars of peanut butter around or chocolate or chips yet, but you know...it's worth the trade-off for me. I know eventually I will be able to have that control but for right now, I'm OK grabbing fruit to snack on, and just driving to Sweet if I really want that cupcake. Nothing is really holding me back from that...and the fact that I haven't done it in a long time speaks volumes about how serious I am about my goals. Like nine times out of 10 now, I decide it's not worth it. And when it IS worth it, I enjoy it so much more. It rocks. I am a 25-year-old female at home at 11:30 on a Saturday night, updating my health-and-fitness blog, and I love it. I will be in the 120s on Monday, and then you guys will get a really substantial update about exactly what that means to me...hah.

I want to share a few entries from this one community one here I love, ww_vanity. Some of them are pretty old, but they're such inspirational stories.

Danielle! (danielleisms)
Two! (The story in this one is so amazing. I almost cried.)

Also, this girl really hit home with me because she wasn't big before but wanted to get healthier, and I feel like we were/are similar:

It's an old post but I still go back to it a lot for motivation. She is built like me - didn't look fat before, bigger on bottom, not fat in the stomach. But lost the weight from her bottom with those extra lbs! So I feel like I can do that too. :o)

OH I ALMOST FORGOT! Happy Nutella Day! ;x I didn't eat any but I definitely did last week.

To close, I want to share this with you guys. Hopefully you have heard this song, as its their big single, but it hits home with me so much. Not only with health and fitness but with all the craziness that has gone down in my life over the past few months. Enjoy. And buy the album - it's fantastic.