February 3rd, 2011

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Week 5, Day 2

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I should apologize for the atrocious state of my paper journal. I also use it to jot down to-dos I remember during the day - it's just easier for me to have one little planner to write things down in. Another reason why I like the paper journal.

But anyway, I finished today with 4 PP left. That is a huge rarity for me but honestly I am just not that hungry and it's midnight, meaning I need to get to bed and not eat. Melissa had to stay at work late so we didn't end up going to trivia night, which meant not having to deal with temptation. I am OK with this.

I updated my goal rewards a little bit. My friend Krys schooled me a little bit about makeup today and I need a serious beauty-products overhaul, so with some of my extra "Making Work Pay" tax credit (thanks, government!), assuming it goes through OK, I'm going to go to MAC and just spend some money on makeup and whatnot. I really do need it, and hopefully the people there can help me with what is good for my crazy paleness. I also want to buy a few hair products too. Hopefully I will hit that first goal Monday and will get to go shopping as soon as the deposit takes effect. :o)

This isn't really related to weight loss but since it has to do with Australia I will share anyway. Cairns (one of the cities I'm visiting in September - Sydney is the other) was hit by a cyclone earlier today. It was supposed to be equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. :[ I'm worried about the people there, first and foremost...but I also can't help wondering how that is going to affect the reef and my trip and whatnot. Hopefully things will be cleaned up by then. Sucks.

Tomorrow I have a 5K-distance run. Going to give it my all to run the entire thing with no walking. We shall see.

This is going to be a short one. I need to get to sleep, and there's not much else to say today!
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Week 5, Day 3

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Not a whole lot to report today. Ran a 5K distance around Lake Eola with Kitzzy and walked about 45 seconds of it. Not too bad - finished in 36:35 I believe. I am looking forward to my Step Sculpt class tomorrow...I feel like it's going to help get me through the 8 miles on Sunday.

I also had a sweets attack, as you can see. Bleh. But I was very diligent about counting, and I haven't even depleted my bank of earned APP so I'm not going to be too upset over it. That candy and half a pastry was an amazing part of my day, I won't even lie. I made sure it was stuff I knew I would love. Worth it.