February 1st, 2011

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Week 5, Day 1

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So I added a new little section to my journal stats above - "Sticker Earned". I'll just note what color sticker I earned that day on there. One extra little thing to share. I am determined to make February full of blue and green stickers.

I'm having a tough time getting in my whole grains. Carb-filled stuff is just so high in PP now. I had some pasta last night and I have oatmeal sometimes, and I had the piece of toast tonight, but in general it's difficult for me to get it in. Anyone have any tips for low-PP ways to get in some whole grains?

I weighed in with my co-worker for our office weight-loss challenge this morning, and the scale told me I was down 2 lbs. from yesterday's weigh-in. Of course. Hah. So I double-checked at the end of the work day and again at the gym and, yeah...if my meeting had been tonight, I would have probably hit 130 or even gone .2 under. 3 lbs. down in 24 hours...pretty awesome. But I also know that weight fluctuates and more likely than not that number will be up tomorrow. So while I had to check the scale today because of my office weigh-in, I am pretty determined not to the rest of the week. I don't want to hold onto that number and then come Sunday think I have free rein just because it's Super Bowl Sunday. Weekends are seriously my weakness, and I need to be prepared this time. I want to get into those 120s, dang it. It's about time.

I ran a 5K distance on the treadmill today. I actually ended up walking a couple minutes of it. I felt amazing at first but at about 3/4 mile I felt so worn out! I was breathing heavily and getting a stitch in my lower left abs. It sucked. So hopefully my run Thursday goes a little better, and my class Friday helps prep me for the 8 miles on Sunday (gulp).

Tomorrow I was going to do the elliptical but my friend Melissa invited me out to trivia at this pizza place with some people she just started talking to, soooo I'm going to excuse myself from the elliptical and go. But I am going to work armed with dinner and eating it right before I go. Then I will be full and not tempted. I can get a diet soda and bring some fruit in my purse. Plus I love trivia so I will be distracted. ;-) Staying OP at the pizza place is my trade-off for skipping the elliptical. I wouldn't if it was a run day, but Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are all gym days, so I'm not going to beat myself up about skipping a cross day.