January 31st, 2011

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Week 4, Day 7

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My food journal isn't up for the day yet but it will be by the end of the night. Rest assured it will be a good one. :o) (Edit: Posted.)

I was really bad this week, as evidenced by my gain. The only real activity I did was jumping on some trampolines at Rebounderz and running a 5K. I know running a 5K sounds awesome, but I am training for a half marathon so it's really not good enough right now. I got about 35:00 (wasn't chip timed), which is pretty good, but this week I have to kick it up if I want to get through that half.

I also slacked majorly with journaling up until today. This week has been pretty rough on me for personal reasons, so I'm not going to beat myself up about everything I ate, or even attempt to detail it all. Today was a new day, and tomorrow starts a new week. I am going to count all my PP, stick to my workout plan, and lose the 1.8 I gained and then some. I am very determined to do that, and very grateful the topic of our meeting tonight was how to get back on track when you have a setback. It helped a lot. I feel confident that I can pick myself back up. And I'm also very happy I went to the meeting. I almost skipped because I knew I was going to gain pretty significantly, but I knew that not facing it would be worse. So I'm calling that my NSV for the week.

Today was the last day of my month, so I took a photos of my calendar with my stickers.

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Just to recap:

Blue: Stayed within DPP (Daily PointsPlus), and earned APP (Activity PointsPlus) that day.
Green: Stayed within DPP or only used banked APP (whether or not I earned any APP that day).
Yellow: Dipped into fewer than 10 WAPP (Weekly Allowance PointsPlus) (whether or not I earned any APP that day).
Red: Dipped into 10 or more WAPP and did not earn any APP.

It is a little bit different from what I originally set the meanings as, but basically the same. I also made a new rule where if I worked out at all that day I can't get a red sticker, so this past Saturday should really be yellow. But anyway...yeah, could be a lot worse, but I think I did pretty well overall. I can definitely improve though. February will be a lot less red. :o)

I did lose a little bit in inches. Not much, but considering my cumulative loss in four weeks is only 1.4 lbs., I'll take it.

This week shouldn't be too tough. The only challenges I forsee are D&D Saturday (I will eat dinner beforehand and bring some fruit in my purse) and the Super Bowl on Sunday. My friend Blake is having a viewing party at his place and they're grilling, so I'm going to make either this Seven-Layer Mexican Dip or this Creamy Mexican Dip. I am thinking of the latter, since it's less in PP. And I can bring some carrots. I am also planning on bringing some veggie burgers and corn for the grill, diet soda, and some cut-up fruit. So I will be prepared.

I think that's about it. I do feel a little disappointed for falling into a rut this week, but I'm back and ready to be deliberate.