January 25th, 2011

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Week 3, Day 7

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Please don't ask for my journals from Friday through Sunday because they were a fail and I didn't even really track Saturday and Sunday. Yeah, notice the "-LOL" for my WAPP remaining, lol. Friday's journal wasn't bad, actually, but I am too lazy to post it. Sorry. :x I am really grateful for the 1.4-lb. loss. If I hadn't worked my butt off Tuesday through Friday, I would have gained, I'm almost sure of it. Friday evening I was actually down to 130.4, so I gained a pound over the weekend. Not bad considering what I consumed, which included but was not limited to:

- brownies and a cupcake
- chips (not that many though)
- beef jerky
- six shots of Grey Goose (worth it)
- sushi (um, definitely worth it)
- Denny's (though I did get turkey bacon and fruit but also chocolate-chip pancakes and hash browns)

IT'S IN THE PAST NOW. I feel a little gross about it, but not that bad. I worked pretty hard otherwise, and still lost, so I can't be that upset. Also? I skipped my run yesterday BUTTT I made it up today with a pretty awesome NSV. I ended up setting a 10K PR (personal record), actually - 6.2 miles in 1:11:17! The only other time I have gone this distance was at the 10K race I ran with Danielle back in November, and I beat that time today by about six minutes. I'm really stoked. Granted, my knees and shins are pissed at me right now, so they are icing as I write this, lest I can't walk tomorrow. But I only walked 5 minutes total, which feels so amazing to be able to say. It's worth the soreness. I started at 5.0, walked for a minute at each mile mark, and then upped my speed .1 after every minute I walked. So by mile 6 I was jogging at 5.5 (less than an 11-minute mile...pretty awesome). Then from 6-6.1 I jogged at 6.0, and sprinted the last tenth at 7.0. I was only supposed to do 6 miles but it seemed fitting to do the 6.2/10K. And honestly, I wasn't even dying at the end! I think I could have gone longer if I really wanted to (though given the soreness, it was good that I didn't). It was a great feeling. I definitely think I will be ready for the half in a few weeks as long as I stick to my workout plan and take it slow.

Kitzzy got me an awesome headband! It's black with a crown on it - perfect for my half. Like I said in a comment somewhere, she like my running fairy godmother. :o) Thanks, Kitzzy! I used it tonight and it ended up being perfect to hold back my bangs.

Yes yes, I have bangs...if you are my Facebook friend I'm sure you've seen my hair but just in case...

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What do you guys think? I know I got it before I technically hit my first goal, but I wanted it for this past weekend pretty badly. And I still lost weight AND I know I am going to hit that goal for next weigh-in, so NO REGRETS. I seriously love it so much - it really surpassed my expectations! It's my favorite thing I have ever done to my hair, and I will definitely be getting it touched up professionally every six weeks or so.

This weekend I have the Dick Batchelor Run for the Children 5K (lol at the name, I know) with some of my co-workers. I'm excited. I hope I can set a PR. My current on is 34:24, so we'll see. My friend Marianne may be coming to visit the weekend of March 5 and she said she'd like to do a race together, so we may do this Orange Blossom 5K. It's the week after my half though, so we'll see if I am up for it. I can probably walk it, at the very least. It'd be fun to do together.

What else...OH, they started making a fat-free version of a coffee creamer I really like, which puts my coffee at 1 PP per cup now with 2 tbsp. of the creamer. So I don't feel as bad having two cups, although I may count them as 3 PP together because I'm not sure how to count the Stevia. Yes, I think I will do that from now on if I have two cups. Which I would like to not make a habit of, but some days, I need it.

Challenges for the week...Wednesday I am going to dinner. Not sure where (it's a surprise), but I am told they have grilled salmon with tomato topping and vegetables, so I will be OK asking for them to not cook my stuff in oil and with using some WAPs that day. I just can't go crazy like I did this weekend.

I am pretty determined to break into the 120s next week. Once I get there, I will give you guys a good update about those dreaded 120s and their tendency to make me back off like they are hot coals. Story for another time, but it's coming soon, I promise.

Next week is the end of week 4, which also means new measurements. I think I lost some inches, but probably nothing really substantial yet. We'll see. It's also the end of the month, so I'll take a photo of my calendar so you guys can see how it looks with a month of stickers. Added level of accountability/embarrassment FTW.

This got lengthy. That is what I get for waiting four days between entries. Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend and are having an amazing start to your week!