January 21st, 2011

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 3, Day 3

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I actually did end up using my last PP for the day on 4 saltines, so those photos aren't 100% accurate. But I did earn my green sticker! I bought no-sugar-added sherbet because it saved me 1 PP, but I really like the regular kind better, so I'm going to get it again next time. Worth the extra PP for sure.

I had a couple setbacks today. Nothing too major, but...I was pretty darn tired after work and really hungry, so I skipped my run. I know, I know...but tomorrow I am going to give my all in my class, I promise. Plus, I was a little afraid I'd retain water today and not hit goal #1 tomorrow...so yeah, I skipped. I also had two cups of coffee for the second day in a row. :-/ But that second cup kept me from going to grab candy from the vending machine today, so I can't be too upset. I have been really awesome this week, so I am not going to beat myself up about those things.

Ricky and I made this Cajun Crab Cakes WW recipe tonight. I'm not sure you can see that recipe if you're not a member of WW Online, but it turned out pretty good! Spicy, though. I don't think I drained the crab meat enough so the mix was more liquidy than it should've been so they took a while to cook. But it was a nice new thing to try, and I have leftovers for dinner tomorrow!

A few NSVs to share. I looked in the mirror last night and said to Ricky, "Do I look thinner?" And he looked at me and said, "Actually yeah, wow, you do." Considering he is someone who used to see me every day, it felt nice to hear that. Secondly, a friend of mine whom I haven't spoken to in a while messaged me on Facebook and told me that I look great, and that he has lost 60+ pounds in the past year. He also said that I inspired him and really appreciates what I am sharing with my blog. It almost made me cry, honestly. I hear that once in a while and it makes updating this regularly - setbacks and all - that much more worth it.

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Ignore my belly in the second one lol, the pants fit really low and were tight...but yeah, those are size 6 jeans. Two separate pairs too, so I could be sure. And not from our-sizes-run-big Old Navy, either. Those are regular ol' non-stretch American Eagle jeans, zipped up and buttoned and everything. I think the last time my hips fit into a pair of size 6 jeans was when I was about 13 years old. This is a pretty big milestone for me. I wanted to jump around in the fitting room, but I resisted for fear of scaring the poor sales dude whom I did not buy the jeans from. Big NSV today.

This weekend is going to be...a challenge. Tomorrow night won't be so bad because all I have to do is avoid alcohol, but Saturday night is Ricky's going-away dinner at Mi Viejo San Juan, which is a Puerto Rican restaurant. Here is the menu. It may be a lunch menu, but I plan on getting the grouper if it's available, and then a side of salad and black beans. Then I will allow myself up to four drinks at the after party, but no party snacks. Must be prepared and bring my own food.

I may not update next until Sunday - tomorrow and Saturday are going to be really busy. But I promise my Sunday update will be really juicy, with some photos of my goal #1 (which I very much plan on hitting tomorrow!) reward and a detailed recap of my weekend. That is the day of my 6-mile run, and I am going to do it outside at Blanchard Park.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!