January 19th, 2011

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 3, Day 2

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So as you can see, from now on I'm going to be posting pictures of my food logs as opposed to writing everything out a second time. It's a lot easier this way with my iPhone. And I'm lazy. Plus it will keep me from eating anymore afterward because I won't want to take another photo. :p

I also decided to try and use my APs first and THEN my WAPPs. So ignore that first photo tht says I have 46 WAPPs left - I still have all 49.

Anyway, logistics aside. I had a great day. I am in a really good gym routine, I am eating more protein, I am having sweets almost every day (though in moderation), and I am feeling great. There isn't much else to really say for today, but I am still determined to get to goal #1 by Friday evening.