January 17th, 2011

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Week 2, Day 7

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Allrighty. So. Good stuff and bad stuff.

The bad:
1. I used all my WAPs and most likely all my APs I earned. I estimated a lot (not good), but I think I overestimated quite a bit.
2. I am not going to hit goal #1 at my weigh-in today.
3. Sweets took over my life last week/this weekend.

The good:
1. My size 7 jeans from Plato's Closet I got a few months ago are a little loose on me. Score.
2. I argued a bit at the House of Blues restaurant because salads weren't included in the "Pass the Line" thing. Basically, my friend and I went to see the band CAKE and you get a voucher to get toward the front of the line if you eat at the restaurant. The waitess said it was entrees only, so I was like, "Well, if I get a big salad, doesn't that count?" So she went and checked and said it was fine. So that's a win.
3. Pretty sure I will still be down about a pound today. Fingers crossed.

So I wasn't perfect this weekend, in the least. But I DID keep track of everything I put in my mouth, and I did prepare pretty well. I brought a bag of popcorn to the concert in my bag and this girl next to me was like, "I smell popcorn." Meanwhile, I'm munching on it, so I said, "Sorry, I'm eating it." Lmfao. So I mean, I was the popcorn girl for the sake of a diet. That is an NSV in itself, I think. This weekend was a test of real life, and I think I passed. Luckily the chocolate monster isn't rearing its ugly headin my blood at the moment, so I hope that lasts.

I'm sure you guys want to hear about the run. Wellll...I got through it alive. Yay! It was an amazing feeling seeing that "5.0" on the treadmill. I planned to walk every mile but I listened to my body cues to gauge when I needed it. At 1.0 I walked for a minute, then at 3.0 for two minutes, then at 4.0 for a minute and a half or so. That little bit of walking gave me the endurance I needed to finish under an hour (59-something or other) because I picked up speed in that last mile, so that's awesome. I felt very accomplished afterward, and I'm not sore today, so that's a plus.

Like I said above, I am not going to reach goal #1 today, but I think I am still going to lose a little bit of weight. My hair appointment is still on, and I honestly don't want to cancel it. So I made a deal with myself - I can keep the appointment, but I have to earn blue or green stickers today THROUGH Friday, which means no drinking at O'Shucks Friday night (which I wasn't planning on anyway, since I have dinner out and a party on Saturday - that will be my splurge day for the week. Plus this way I can be DD Friday, AND save money). I am almost sure if I do that, I will be at goal #1 by Saturday. I think that is a reasonable expectation, and I trust myself to stick to it. Otherwise, I know getting that reward won't be as fun for me.

Going to the grocery store after my meeting tonight. Hoping to get some new stuff to try. I will make a "Part II" entry tonight with my updated stats.