January 15th, 2011

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Week 2, Day 5

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I didn't really have a lot of time to update last night, so I am putting yesterday's and today's food logs in this entry.

The class last night was tough. She focused the strength portions on upper body, so my biceps, triceps, pecs area, and even my ribs (???) are sore today. A good sore, so that's a great thing.

The bad news? I dipped veeerrry deeply into my weekly PPs allowance. :[ Had an insane day of chocolate cravings (which seem to FINALLY be gone today, thank goodness) and then went downtown and drank a bit and ate at Jimmy John's. I am afraid it will cost me goal #1 on Monday, but I CAN'T let that discourage me. I know I was diligent about counting and made some good choices after going downtown (choosing the "unwich" - which is a sandwich wrapped in lettuce as opposed to on bread - without mayo, for example), but I'm still a little disappointed. However, I have the entire weekend to eat better and a 5-mile run to tackle tomorrow. I think I can still do it, so I'm going to work hard for it. I ain't touchin' anymore of those weeklies.

Tonight I have D&D at my co-worker's, so I am going to bring a Smart One and some fruit over there to eat because I think it is going to last a few hours. I will make sure to eat before I go too.

Edit: Ended up not going to D&D...wasn't feeling well. Went out for a late dinner and though I know I overestimated greatly, I would rather be safe than sorry. I don't know if goal #1 is possible but I plan to kick some major butt today to attempt it as best I can. Off for my 5-mile run right now. Will try and squeeze in an update when I get back.