January 13th, 2011

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Week 2, Day 3

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Today was super tough for me. It was my second day in a row craving chocolate like crazy. Seriously, I don't know what it is, but these past two days I have been a chocolate monster. Luckily those M&Ms weren't so bad on PP (guessing it's the pretzel aspect that make them better than regular or peanut M&Ms), and neither was the hot cocoa. I just need to make good choices and I can have my chocolate. I am going to save some PP tomorrow in case I want those M&Ms again...at least I have to walk three floors up to get to the vending machine. :p I also incorporated blueberries into my oatmeal today as opposed to the almonds. Saved myself 3 points and was still satisfied.

My run felt really good. I am glad I went - I was feeling like skipping it, but forced myself to drive past my house to the gym. I'm counting that as an NSV. The first 10 minutes or so of the run were actually pretty brutal - I was tired and I'm still weaning off the two+ cups of coffee a day. I felt more worn out than I'd have liked but I kept telling myself I didn't have to run again until Sunday and that if I could do four miles, I can do 2.5. So that helped. Tomorrow is my second Step Sculpt class, so I hope it gets me ready for the 5-mile attempt on Sunday and that I can keep up this time. I just have to remember to stretch really well afterward this time, and take it easy Saturday. Maybe a nice bubble bath.

I was talking to my boss today and I was like, "...did you lose weight?" He has lost 15 pounds! I didn't even notice until today, but it's so obvious. I guess I am in my own little world at work, hah. He looks great! He used to be a personal trainer so it is kind of in his nature to work out and eat right I think. It's really motivating to have people at work who are into health and fitness too. There are a lot of us, actually - some are into running, one guy is really into biking, some are training for a triathalon. That really helps me stay on track when there are treats lying about. And my CEO is really into running too. He gives us a gym discount, it's pretty awesome. I am very fortunate with my job and the people I work with. They have all been super supportive. We are doing a 5k together on the 29th for our charity committee. I'm excited! We haven't done a company 5k in months, so it will be fun.

Had a consultation for my goal #1 hair appointment today. It will not be cheap...but I really want to get it done at this specific place. Don't ask what I am doing - some of you know because I have wanted opinions, but I'm not telling otherwise. :p Then it wouldn't be any fun to post photos! But I am pumped for it. I am very determined to hit that goal on Monday and at the rate I am going now, I should. If I am a TINY bit away from it (like .2 or .4), I'll keep the appointment because I know I'll be there come that day. Can't wait. Hope it turns out well.

Edit: Oh, here's a photo of me from yesterday before my run...Ricky thought I looked very 1992 so, for your enjoyment.

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Disclaimer: Those are not my normal running shoes. But it was only 10 minutes of a run sooo I'm not that worried about it.