January 12th, 2011

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Week 2, Day 2

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Haven't eaten my cereal with blueberries yet, but I am typing in in there so I don't have to come back. (Edit: Wasn't hungry enough for this at 10, so I switched it up - see food log if interested!) I am glad I'm posting these food logs every day. It makes me think twice about eating something, since I know I will have to own up to it later. :p

The swing class tonight was actually more of a meet-n-greet thing and not an actual class, so I skipped and went running outside instead. It was pretty damn cold, so I only went for one lap around Lake Eola. Earned 1 AP, but that's fine. I am running tomorrow and didn't plan on getting a ton of activity in anyway today, so I'm counting it as a victory. Running in the cold sucks. After only 10 minutes, I felt an earache coming on. It's better now, but I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me tomorrow.

I also discovered today that I can have 2 tbsp. of the creamer I love with my coffee and have the cup still be 2 PP. This seems so miniscule, lol, but since I am trying to drink only one cup a day (and succeeding so far, yay, thank you decaf Chai tea), it's a nice bonus.

I was craving chocolate like whoa today. I almost bought a York peppermint patty at Publix when I was picking up dinner. Then I remembered I want to hit my first goal on my next weigh-in and I didn't. So that's a pretty good NSV for me today. I also remembered I'd had a WW chocolate shake thing earlier in the day, so that helped.

I got through the company-bought lunch fairly unscathed. The salad they ordered had crushed nuts and some dried fruit in it, so I ate around those as best I could and used a bit of the ginger dressing. Looking back, I probably should have used my balsamic, especially since the ginger dressing tasted kind of like cleaner. Weird how ginger has that flavor to me, I dunno. Anyway, I think I estimated pretty well.

Should have fairly routine days these next three. Oh, actually, I am going to start playing Dungeons and Dragons (shut up) with some of my co-workers and I think it starts Saturday, so I have to remember to eat before I go and pack some fruit and such in my bag.