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January 11th, 2011

Week 2, Day 1

Food/Activity Log: 01/11/2011Collapse )

As you can see, I did something bad in the middle of the night...I snacked. D: Ack. To be fair, it was my cat's fault. He threw up and I heard him, so I woke up and ate out of stress!

...OK, while this may have some validity to it (namely the puking part, although I did push him off the bed in time at least), it isn't the cat's fault that I ate at 4:30 a.m. But even with that, I manage to stay within points for the day. I am actually going to get to bed with 2 PPs left over, which is OK - they tell you to get as close as you can to your target. I usually try and eat all of them, but dinner wasn't as precise of an amount as I'd have liked (accidentally measured wrong), so I want to leave some wiggle room. And I'm full and haven't even eaten the strawberries yet, so it's all good.

Tomorrow we're having lunch brought in to the office to welcome a couple employees back (one was overseas in the military and the other converted from an intern to full time), and I asked the girl ordering if she could get a salad with only fruits and vegetables in it. She said yes so that's awesome. I will probably throw some avocado in it too - glad I bought a big avocado this week. After work, I'm going to that swing-dance class with my co-workers. Should be fun!

I'm happy I was able to stick to my one cup of coffee today. I was pretty tired during the day, but I had some decaf tea to help me along around lunchtime. I'll be OK.

I made my hair appointment for the 22nd, so I am definitely going to be working my butt off these next six days so I meet goal #1 come Monday. Otherwise I have to cancel the appointment (and I reeeeally don't want to).

That's about it for today. Nothing too exciting!


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