January 10th, 2011

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Week 1, Day 7

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Today...was a major, major win for me. I am down 2.4, which is awesome. I ended the week with only 4 extra PPs used that I didn't earn through activity. I can't even remember the last time I had such a successful week. So while my journey is nowhere near over, I am very proud of myself. And old Jen would have used tonight to splurge on sushi or chocolate (or both, let's be honest) since tomorrow "starts over"...but new Jen went to the gym and stayed OP.

I didn't end up rolling out of bed this morning to run, but I did go after my meeting. I met up with Kitzzy and she gave me some awesome new running shorts that turned out to be perfect. My stand-by pants are falling off (win!) and these shorts are snug and flexible. I went to the gym with the intention of running a mile, then walking a minute or two, then running to the next mile, etc. until I reached 4 miles.

But when I got to mile 1, something clicked. I realized I could run the entire thing. And I freaking did it. I was so overwhelmed with happiness when I saw that 4.0 on the treadmill...it was such a great feeling. I haven't run 4 miles straight since November, and it's my personal best/longest distance. I am stoked, seriously.

And I realized that this particular run meant a lot more to me than just a physical-fitness milestone. I have been going through some tough times these past couple months and enduring a lot of negativity and personal challenges, so for me to push past all the poison and do this meant a lot to me. As soon as I finished that run, I felt like a little voice was telling me things were going to be OK, and that I would take care of myself. Amazing what something as simple as running can do. Special thanks to George and Kitzzy for being hard on me this week...I don't know if I could've done it without you guys. I know I will be able to finish that half marathon, and it's a great feeling. Even though I will walk a good deal, I know I have it in me to finish, and I'm excited for what's to come.

Speaking of which, I think I am going to keep with that Step Sculpt class on Fridays. Honestly, I think my sore calves (which are better today, thank goodness) can be attributed to not stretching properly afterward and then walking all day at Universal Saturday. I think I got a LOT of merit from the class (especially the strength-training portion) and it probably helped me push through the run today. So this Friday I will make sure to stretch better and then take it easy on Saturday. Worst-case scenario, I can push my long run to Monday again and switch my schedule around next week. We'll see. It's 5 miles next week, so I can't be lazy.

I really want to reach my first goal next week. I realize it's fairly lofty given my size and that I had such a healthy loss this week, but I am going to work my ass off for it. I made a fairly rigorous plan to help me get there and I won't be so hard on myself normally, but these are just some guidelines I'd like to adhere to this week as best I can:

- one cup of coffee per day (it's getting a little out of hand)
- stick to workout plan
- drink all my liquids every day

I will be a bit less strict about these, but I'd like to try:

- have only four 0-point fruit/veggie items a day (counting so many things as 0 seems so wrong, lol)
- only use the amount of WAPs that I have earned through activity

I don't think those are too unreasonable.

This week, I have a couple food challenges that I know of. My office is ordering lunch Wednesday, so I asked the girl ordering to let me know ahead of time what they're getting. Hopefully I can look up the PP without an issue but, if not, I have a Smart One meal as a back-up. Secondly is Downtown Disney and a concert with my friend Casey on Sunday, and we're eating at the House of Blues restaurant. My plan for that is to eat a really good lunch before we go, and then get a salad with grilled chicken for dinner.

Long entry is long, but I had a lot to share. :p I love the new program, and I'm very optimistic about my weight, fitness, and mental goals! Thank you guys for all the support. You all help me remember why I'm doing this - especially when things are tough.