January 7th, 2011

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Week 1, Day 4

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I had a slice of pizza today and I admit, I didn't look up the PPs beforehand. I couldn't believe it was EIGHT. I thought maybe 6 or 7, but dang. Domino's apparently runs higher than normal. Of course. But luckily, I kept myself in check most of the day, so it's fine. I have 4 left and usually I wouldn't worry, but I think we're going out downtown tonight...my Pocket Guide says light beers are 3 points, but WW online says most are 4. :-/ I will have one at the most.

I didn't get through my entire run last night because I was just not feeling it, but I did squeeze 10 minutes out. I was feeling a little bummed about it, honestly. But my friend Danielle (danielleisms - go read her blog!) pointed out that the fact I even went and tried and did SOMETHING says a lot, and I realize that's true. ♥ So thanks, Danielle!

Now, some fun NSVs to share:

1. Two people told me I look skinny today. It was awesome.
2. A friend of mine told me my blog was very motivational. I actually hear that quite often, and it motivates ME to keep going. So thank you guys for sharing that with me. ♥
3. I got through the Step Sculpt class. It was pretty tough but very laid back compared to the one I went to with my co-worker a few weeks ago. There were only five students, so I couldn't hide in the back, hah. That is a good thing, even though I was hating life by the time the class was over. OK, that's an exaggeration - it wasn't that bad. I'm looking forward to making it a Friday routine and perfecting the moves.
4. Last night before bed, I ate two VitaTops. Granted, I am only into my WAPs by 4 (which I have actually earned working out, so no big deal), but I was about to go to sleep and I knew as soon as I woke up I would crave a chocolate one. So I went into the kitchen (this was at about 2:30 a.m., mind you - I couldn't sleep), and I did this.

Haha it is so cheesy, but it WORKED. I took a pic of it right away, and the next morning I woke up and - shocker - thought about that delicious chocolately goodness. But I didn't even open the freezer because I was like, "No...then I don't get to post the picture later and it will have been for nothing." As someone who can't usually keep sweets in the house (THEY WERE BOGO, GET OFF MY BACK!), that is a pretty awesome victory for me. So yay. Granted, since I'm going out tonight I probably won't have that 3-point VitaTop so I can have that beer, but there's always tomorrow. Priorities...

Tomorrow is Universal. Going to eat a filling breakfast, pack some snacks in my purse, push to eat at Richter's, and allow myself a little splurge. Already decided it's going to be frozen butterbeer. Can't wait.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday night!