January 6th, 2011

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Week 1, Day 3

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Not really much to report today. I'm still doing great, but getting bored, so I'm glad the weekend is almost here so I can go shopping and get some new foods to try. I do notice I am fuller right now than I was yesterday at this time - I think because of the chickpeas and veggie patty. Protein really does fill me up a lot better than Oreos.

Going for a run on the treadmill after work. 30 minutes. Tomorrow's my first Step Sculpt class at my gym (eep), and Sunday I have a 4-mile run with Kitzzy...really hope I can get through it. Runs go by so much more quickly when I do them with someone else (much less boring than the treadmill!) and the weather will be nice, so I'm looking forward to it. I think I'm going bowling with a friend beforehand too, so that's good. I doubt I'll count it as any APs, but it's movement anyway. :o)

The only challenge I really forsee this week is Universal on Saturday. I am going to eat a good breakfast before I go and pack some snacks in my purse. For dinner, I'm going to try and push to go to Richter's Burger Co...they have a nice salad with grilled chicken I always get, so that will be good. And I will get a couple APs from walking, so that rules.

Thanks for all your recipe suggestions in my last post!