January 5th, 2011

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Week 1, Day 2

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Looking that over, I honestly should have eaten something more substantial at 2:00 (like my salad that I didn't even eat), and then had half the pack of Oreos instead of the whole thing. Then I wouldn't have snacked so much. Live and learn! I am still determined to stay on target today.

This will be an obsolete paragraph after I come back and update this tonight, haha, but for dinner, I think I'm going to have a veggie burger on a sandwich thin (5) with a ton of asparagus (0). For a snack later, I think I'll have a cup of cereal (3) with 1/2 cup of vanilla soymilk (1). So that should work out nicely. If I'm starving for some reason, I can always have some more fruit, but I will make sure I am hungry and not just bored. The free fruit actually makes me think about that, hah.

My days are going to get old fast, though. I am going to buy some new things at the grocery store this weekend. Any suggestions? I would like to experiment with some new recipes too, but I'm going to be pretty busy over the weekend. Maybe I will have some time to cook Sunday evening. I am tempted to pick up some of those Nature Valley Granola Squares (I had one today - my co-worker told me I should try it), but they are chocolate-covered, and I don't think I can trust myself to have chocolate in the house yet. One day. Lol.

Made it through the run last night. Thank goodness - I kept feeling raindrops, so I'm glad it held back because I didn't want to forfeit the run. It felt good. It is still pretty tough for me to push through 30 minutes, but I'm determined to start building my endurance back up. Tomorrow I have another run, Friday I have that Step Sculpt class, and Sunday I am going to attempt 4 miles. So we'll see how it goes.

Got my first blue sticker in a very long time yesterday. :o) I know it's so easy on Day One, so I just have to keep at it.

Edit: Tomorrow I will drink more water and hit my liquid requirement!