January 4th, 2011

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Week 1, Day 1

So um, new WW program? Loving it so far! I am pretty full right now (though not stuffed) and am sitting at 13 PointsPlus left for the day. That kind of rocks. I feel like I'm cheating, and I love cheating /Slytherin. But the free fruits are amazing, seriously. I'm like, "Oh God, is this a small or medium apple? Oh wait, IT DOESN'T MATTER, BECAUSE IT'S FRUIT." I love that! Granted, my avocado half is now 3 PP instead of 2 points, my oatmeal is now 4 PP instead of 2 points, and my coffee is now 2 PP instead of 1 point...but it's worth the trade-offs. That is how it should be...fattier and processed stuff should be limited, and natural, whole foods should be worth less. So good on you, WW. Good on you. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when the newness of the program wears off and I'm craving chocolate like mad, but RIGHT NOW, I'm excited.

Here's my food/activity log for today. I will update it again later, with the rest of my day. Edit: Done!

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I think I can definitely reach my goal by my birthday. Don't want to count my chickens, but that's 10 weeks away. If I can average about 1.5 lbs. a week, it is very feasible. I am just going to do my best and hope for the best.

Some people from my work are going to a free swing-dancing lesson next Wednesday the 12th, so I'm going to do that in place of the elliptical I normally have scheduled for Wednesdays. They may start going regularly but I'll have to see what the cost is and whether I like it before I commit. It seems like a lot of fun though. And we all know I'm stuck in the '90s around the time swing became popular again (I sang "Zoot Suit Riot" at karaoke this past weekend...I mean, it doesn't get anymore serious). I will keep you guys posted.

Off to run around Lake Eola with Ricky. Hope I can make it the whole 30 minutes. I will make him drag me if I fall over.