January 3rd, 2011

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Initial Weigh-In and Measurements/Goals

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So there it is, all laid out. I reset my goal weight to 120 because I think I can get there (especially because the meeting scale is a LOT nicer than my personal one, which said 136.8 this morning, hah), and that the new program will help propel me to it. If I plateau before then, I will re-think it, especially if I feel healthy and energetic and am doing everything right. But for now? I'm going for it. I am not setting myself a goal date, but I do want to be at goal before my 26th birthday, which is March 17. I think that's a completely reasonable expectation. It will be challenging, but I think I can do it if I stick to plan.

Speaking of the new plan, it seems pretty awesome. Tomorrow will be my first day on it, and I think all the changes will be fun to try out. I'm really glad I got an iPhone, because it has the PointsPlus calculator built right in. I get 29 daily PointsPlus now, 49 weekly allowance points, and "free" fruits and (most) veggies (win!). But other foods are worth more PointsPlus now. For example, now half a cup of chickpeas is 3 points as opposed to 1 (fail!). So there are pros and cons. But I think it will be a good change overall - we'll see. I am excited to do something different, at least. I think I may start posting my food logs again - at least at first. We'll see if it gets old. Oh, and if you have WW eTools and want to add me, please do. My username is the same as it is here (jenislosingit).

Here is my current workout schedule that I hope will help prep my for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I hope it isn't too aggressive. I am going to going to try this Step Sculpt class at my gym starting Friday. I went to a Body Pump class with my co-worker at her gym a couple weeks ago, and I really liked it. From the class description online, this one seems pretty similar, so we shall see how it goes. I will keep you all posted on how much it kicks my butt.

I would post a starting photo, but it's not that serious, lol. I will post a photo of me at my highest weight and then an "After" one when the time comes. That will be the fun part.

So excited to be actively blogging again. 2011 is going to be a great year for me.