December 8th, 2010

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Week 15, Day 1

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OK, so I gained 2.2 because I didn't stay awesome over the weekend. However...I just got on the scale and it said 133.6. So apparently I lost two of the 2.2 I gained, overnight. Whatever. I'll take it. (Edit: Now it is saying 134.6, ugh, I hate my scale.)

On that note...I changed my goal weight. I made it 123, because I feel like it's more attainable than 120. And my scale always shows a little higher than most other scales, so it's fine. I didn't want to do 125...I feel like that'd be lazy of me. Hah. So 123 it is. Plus, 1-2-3, that's awesome. And I have a new goal reward for my first goal...that you will just have to keep tuning in to find out. :p

I leave for Colombia (the country, with an O, not a U!) tomorrow for Yurani and Trey's wedding. I can't wait. Am I going to count points? Um, hell no. I'm going to eat Colombian food, and I'm going to drink. Am I going to stop when I'm full and not eat when I'm not hungry? That is a yes.

Exercise will be tough because we'll be so busy (and I don't think the hotel has a gym, unfortunately), but I plan to take advantage of walking whenever I can.

This is going to be a short one. Wish me luck. Hope I don't get an incurable disease. :[ I would. /sowhite