December 4th, 2010

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Week 14, Day 3

1:30 a.m. on a Friday night. I'm 25, single, female, and what am I doing? Updating my health-and-fitness blog. Fail? I think so NOT.

But man...I am kicking some ass, if I do say so. And I do. I was supposed to get up this morning to run, but that was a big no. Mornings are really not my best friend, and I already have to face them in some capacity to go to work. It is very hard for me to drag myself out of bed (especially when it's 50 degrees outside and the covers are so toasty. And to my non-Floridian followers, YES THAT IS COLD FOR ME). But I PROMISED myself I'd go for my run after sushi with my old co-worker/friend Lauren.

So. Not only did I stick to this, but I ate only California Rolls at Gizmo Sushi. Let me tell you about Gizmo Sushi. They make the best sushi roll I have ever had in my life. It's called the Louisiana Roll (I can thank my pregnant, soon-to-be-married Colombian BFF Yurani for introducing me to this). It is $12, but worth more. It is a roll containing crawfish and something else (avocado? I don't know, it doesn't matter), but it's wrapped with cream cheese and whitefish. Then the whole thing is smoked with a crazy smoking gun, and served with *~Chef's Sauce~*, which is basically spicy mayo mixed with Jesus. But I resisted that sucker. Partly because I am cheap, but mostly because of the calories, and I was just not willing to sacrifice my green sticker today.

Yes, you heard me right - green. Today I earned my fourth green sticker in a row. I know, it's unheard of. November on my calendar is hilarious - my friend Melissa came over and saw it covered, like, 95% in red, and was like, "...Jen..." Haha. But December is all green! I don't care if it's only been three days, THEY ARE ALL GREEN. I am psyched about it. Granted, I did polish off an entire box of chocolate VitaTops in the past 24 hours, BUT I still got green stickers, so I don't care. Worth it. I just can't buy them anymore at the moment. I also haven't been to Sweet in like...a month? Or something like that. It's odd. Who am I? I don't even know anymore!

And it's paying off, too. All the jeans in my closet fit me right now, which is amazing. Those size 7 jeans from Plato's Closet I was ecstatic about fitting into? They're a little loose, which...I don't even know. I'm just stoked - it's a great NSV. It's worth giving up that Louisiana Roll, and worth dragging my butt to the gym after a long work week, at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday. I feel very renewed lately...I have been doing a lot of soul-searching, and the importance of this journey has become a lot clearer to me over the past week or two. It's awesome, and I am hoping to hold onto it.

I am reading Eat, Pray, Love - I picked it up the other night, and I'm about halfway through. I am surprised how much I love it, and how much I can relate to it. The author went through some things that are very similar to what I am going through at the moment, and she found an outlet and a way to better herself through spirituality. I think I am doing that with health and fitness, so I'm trying to channel my energy into really taking care of my body and mind. Hoping it will last. I know it can, if I just keep at it and remember why I'm doing it.

This weekend (mostly tomorrow) will be challenging. I am meeting a friend for dinner at Olive Garden. Planning on getting their apricot chicken dish. Which, honestly, isn't amazing, but it's the lowest-point dish they have and I can deal. I'll probably eat a piece of fruit before I go, so I'm not too hungry and don't stuff breadsticks in my face. Then I am having some people over for a mini Christmas party - putting up my tree, decorating, watching Christmas movies, etc. so I'm going to pick up some snacks. It will be a lot easier to regulate, since it's at my house. Need to remember to get some low-point hot-chocolate packets.

I am tired, so I'll leave you with some thinspirational photos of Clémence Poésy. She's a French actress who plays Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter series, and she guest starred on Gossip Girl earlier this season. I think she is so stunning.

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Happy Friday (er, Saturday)!