October 7th, 2010

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 6, Day 2

Allrighty so I'm back on track and it feels good. Scale was up a little this morning but I think it will be OK. I ate both my APs I earned last night plus 3 WAPs so maybe that attributed to it. I'm not too worried - I am planning on staying in those 120s. I have to, because I already bought my Goal #1 reward: new running shoes (I am pretty sure it's those...I don't have them with me, so I'm not 100% sure, and I bought them at Track Shack as opposed to online)! They weren't cheap but they are super comfy and will give me the support I need, so I'm pumped about that.

Did 2 miles around Lake Eola with Kitzzy after work. It was nice! But I got tired out a lot more quickly this time. It's gonna take me a little while to work back up to where I was three weeks ago. I'm OK with that though - I have a half marathon to train for. I have strength training tonight. I am going to do a core workout. Core helps my endurance a lot with running, so I need to make sure I get it in at least once a week during my non-running days.

I decided not to sign up for the Bay to Breakers 12K in San Francisco. I would love to, but there are other things I want to leave my time/money open for in May. Yurani's due on May 5 and I want to be ready to go up to Georgia and visit around then, and maybe visit another friend or two in that general area while I'm there. But I did sign up for the Founders' Day 10K next month. I am determined to do that and kill it.