October 5th, 2010

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Week 5, Day 7

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I'm going to take my measurements tonight, and I'll update with them when I do. I know I haven't been around these past couple weeks, but things have been...difficult.

Ricky and I broke up. By now, I think everyone who is very close to both of us knows, and knows the reasons and everything, so I ask anyone here to please not ask me about it (over LJ or otherwise). I've been through a lot over the past couple weeks and I'm honestly done with talking/thinking about it. I love you all (♥ See?) but this blog is not for that...I only mention it because it did affect my weight loss (as you can see - although I am grateful for that silver lining, hah) and fitness (which has been almost non-existent). So thanks in advance. ♥

However, the good news is that I have hit my goal #1 (WORD!) and am going to buy my new running shoes this week. :o) I ended up skipping the 10K, which is terrible, but I had good reasons. I do need to give a shout-out to Danielle though (danielleisms/sorry_im_late) - she pwned it and beat her goal time. So proud of her!

But I got back into running last night. Only time in three weeks I've been active, save one day I did 1.5 miles on the treadmill. Kitzzy (yzztik) and I did 2.5 miles around Lake Eola. The weather has been beautiful - it actually feels like fall, which is rare for so early in October here. I'm very grateful because I am starting to kick myself into gear with this half-marathon plan (updated a little) and would love to run outside whenever I can. Kitzzy let me borrow this bottle when we ran, and I really like it a lot. It's the second time she's let me use it and I think I'm going to order it for myself. It keeps me hydrated without having to stop and I don't mind the bulkiness yet. Maybe it will be a different story when I start the longer runs.

Also Kitzzy-related...I am seriously considering doing the Bay to Breakers 12K with her and her boyfriend Jason in May. It's in San Francisco - somewhere I really REALLY want to visit. And considering I'll have trained for a half marathon by then, it shouldn't be an issue as far as activity level goes. She says it's $40 or $50, so I am thinking of starting to save now and making it out there. And you dress up! It is right up my alley, haha. We'll see. Sounds exciting, and it would knock one of my top 10 must-visit places out of the way.

Oh, I finally met George (hekidanjo) and his wife Doreen this Sunday! They were here doing the Disney Wine & Dine Half, so I met them for dinner at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. They are such a fun couple. I'm so glad we met. They are still at Disney - until Friday, actually, on vacation. And since I know you'll be reading this, George, thanks again for dinner. :o) Make sure you go to Halloween Horror Nights on Thursday!

OK, so as far as running goes, these are the things I need to purchase (in a prioritized order):

- new shoes
- awesome water bottle
- iPod armband
- GPS-type watch
- better running clothes (shirts, shorts, socks, etc.)

And here are the races I have planned, or hope to have planned in the near future right now:

- Susan G. Komen 5K (Oct. 17 with work)
- Founders' Day 10K (Nov. 14 in Celebration with Danielle and possibly Kitzzy. Haven't signed up yet, but almost sure I will - I have to make up for the last 10K!)
- Disney Princess Half Marathon (Feb. 27)
- Bay to Breakers 12K (May 15...really hope I can swing this one)

That reminds me. I met a new person who is into running. Her name is Kaitlyn (sp?) and she just started hanging with one of my friends, Blake. She runs a race pretty much every weekend hah. Very inspiring. She is doing to Disney Princess Half, so she invited me to go in on a Disney hotel room with her and some friends. I'm excited - definitely going to take her up on that. She says she's a Cinderella. Irrelevant? I think not.

What else...oh, I bought some new clothes this weekend. It's been a while...I deserved it. /humble

I am winning my office weight-loss bet by a lot, but there's no money involved, so that's a fail.

I could ramble, but I think this is sufficient. Glad to be barely in the 120s (it's been a looong time) even though my points drop to 19 now (fail), and I plan on sticking to my guns to not let it escape. Here's to a new me (and regular updates!).

Edited to include measurements.