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September 17th, 2010

Week 3, Day 3

Quick update before I get ready to leave for Daytona for the weekend.

I'm doing pretty well so far this week. I have only used 5 WAPs (Toaster Strudel last night, ah!), and I am doing very well today too. I have cut back on coffee successfully and am down to two cups a day max, so it's a start.

Haven't been doing so hot with activity. It's been nine days since I've worked out (D:) and I probably won't get to again until Sunday when I get back into town. I met with yzztik yesterday after work and she let me borrow this Galloway Training Programs book that has a great 17-week half-marathon training plan in it. I am going to model mine after that and probably hash it out completely sometime early next week even though I know I should have done it by now, BAD JEN. The guy who wrote it, Jeff Galloway, is incidentally the official coach of the Disney Princess Half Marathon too, or something along those lines. So that's pretty neat.

In the meantime, Sunday I am going to attempt to go 4 miles, since my 10K is coming up really quickly...I am almost sure I won't be able to run the whole thing after a week and a half of not running, but I am going to attempt to run a mile, walk 2 minutes, run a mile, walk 2 minutes, etc. and see how I do with that. Kitzzy suggested it, so I could get a feel for the distance and train appropriately for the 10K.

Food challenges, let's see...tonight I am going to a bar on beachside for my friend's birthday, and since I am DD (my friend Josh is coming with me), I have to limit my alcohol intake. So that is a big plus! Especially since I'm not exactly rolling in dough right at this moment, hah. I will eat dinner right before we leave tonight. Tomorrow we're hanging with my friend Casey all day and she has been losing weight and making some healthy changes in her life as well, so that shouldn't be too bad - last time I visited her we made a really healthy dinner together, so I am fortunate she knows what's going on with me in that respect.

I think that about sums it up for now. I probably won't be near a computer much this weekend so I'll report back as soon as I can. Have a great weekend everyone!


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